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Governor Series – Interview with Daniel Cameron

Daniel Cameron on the campaign trail. Photo by Chelene Nightingale

By Chelene Nightingale

Jobe Publishing, Inc.


Kentucky’s current Attorney General, Daniel Cameron, is leading the pack of Republican gubernatorial candidates by a large margin of 33%. However, according to the site, Political Pulse, “incumbent Andy Beshear is set to return as governor of Kentucky.” But with seven months to go until the general election, the political pulse could change.

Cameron believes he has the best chance of the slate of Republican candidates to beat Beshear in November. The Barren County Progress (BCP) spoke with the Attorney General for a one-on-one interview to learn why he believes he is the strongest candidate to beat the incumbent later this year.

“During Beshear’s unconstitutional shutdowns for COVID, I took him to task,” the Attorney General recalled. “The governor did not consult my office nor the general assembly, instead he acted alone which is an abuse of power.”

During the pandemic, Cameron successfully filed lawsuits and defended many laws against Beshear’s overreach including helping to end mask mandates and the shutdown of churches. Cameron continued, “He allowed liquor stores to remain open, but sent out police to write down license plates of church attendees. Our office stood up for the first amendment right of churches.”

Cameron confirmed that he would definitely not shut down churches or businesses as governor if another pandemic occurred. Additionally, as acting Attorney General, Cameron also successfully stopped the Biden administration vaccine mandates in Kentucky.

BCP also discussed the coal industry in Kentucky with Cameron. His campaign website,, cites that the Attorney General’s office is fighting against the radical Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) agenda.

“Biden wants to end the coal industry. Kentucky is the 7th largest state for coal. We also have the 12th lowest energy costs in the country. Beshear is completely silent. We cannot be silent. We must fight back,” Cameron warned.

The Kentucky Attorney General led a team of other United States Republican Attorney Generals into investigating major banks violating consumer protection laws in relation to ESG investments against the coal industry. In retaliation, the Kentucky Bankers association sued Cameron’s AG’s office back in November 2022 claiming Cameron was overstepping his authority. Daniel Cameron responded by filing a motion to dismiss in federal court. “They are just using attempted intimidation tactics to stop an investigation, but I won’t stop fighting for Kentucky’s coal industry,” Cameron firmly stated.

“We must ensure that financial institutions in Kentucky are not withholding services from businesses that do not agree with Biden’s radical climate agenda.”

Also discussed were the differences between Beshear and Cameron regarding the fentanyl crisis. “As Attorney General, I successfully spearheaded the $842-million settlement for Kentucky with companies for their role in the deadly opioid crisis.”

According to Cameron’s gubernatorial campaign website, these funds will be divided between state and local governments for programs supporting addiction intervention, treatment, and recovery. In addition, the governor candidate also told BCP, “I asked the Biden administration to label fentanyl as a weapon of mass destruction.” (At the time of this interview, the Biden administration had not replied to Cameron’s office and no response from Governor Beshear either.)

Cameron’s Attorney General office also filed a lawsuit against the Biden administration for canceling the Title 42 policy, which created a crisis at our nation’s border allowing a massive influx of illegal immigrants into the United States. “We must boldly push back and secure our borders to protect our county and to protect our state,” Cameron advised.

He continued, “We need a governor who will support law enforcement and help boost morale. Right now the number of police are decreasing as crime rates increase.” The Attorney General received the Fraternal Order of Police endorsement. Additionally, a group of police chiefs, sheriffs, and prosecutors released a joint statement defending Cameron against a political attack ad, which states, “Daniel understands the law enforcement community, and he knows that what we need is real leadership that’s born out of actions taken, not tough talk in a 30-second ad. Daniel’s taken decisive action to improve public safety in Kentucky since his first day in office.”

JPI also asked why President Trump endorsed him, especially since Daniel Cameron did not assist in questioning the suspicious outcome of the 2020 election.

“The elections are secure here in Kentucky. President Trump won here in our state. Republican voices in Kentucky were heard and we enjoyed major victories. Republicans must turnout for elections,” Cameron said, “President Trump endorsed who he felt was the strongest candidate for governor in Kentucky. The proof is in the pudding. Trump knows my record of success as Attorney General.”

Many BCP readers have expressed concern that gubernatorial candidate Cameron is just a McConnell puppet, so BCP asked him to respond to those allegations.

He responded, “I have shown that I am my own man as Attorney General. I stand up for faith and values. I have taken the punches in office and I fought back on my own. Yes, I worked for McConnell and he has been good to me and my family, but he is not my boss. If elected governor, the people are my boss. I will serve the people of Kentucky to protect our state.”

Besides President Trump’s endorsement, Cameron has been endorsed by the Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life Foundation, over 100 Law Enforcement officials, and Veterans for Trump.

Daniel and Makenze Cameron enjoying time in Barren County. Photo by Chelene Nightingale

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