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Spring Breakfast

Business of the Quarter – Shuffett’s Adult Day, Inc. owner Elizabeth Shuffett Photo by PJ Martin

By PJ Martin


The Herald-News


The Edmonton-Metcalfe Chamber of Commerce held its first breakfast of the year on March 21st. A large crowd of 115  gathered at the Old School Gym to hear guest speakers and enjoy a delicious buffet breakfast served by Diane’s Catering.

Chamber President Daniel Bragg awarded the Business of the Quarter to Shuffetts Adult Day, Inc. Owner Elizabeth Shuffett accepted the award and thanked the chamber. The business was founded in 2013 by Elizabeth and her father, Robert Shuffett, and has grown to 82 employees who care for 89 clients in Adair, Allen, Barren, Cumberland, Green, Metcalfe, Monroe, and Taylor Counties. The non-residential facilities provide day assistance services for disabled and elderly adults while providing health and nutritional care along with activities in a friendly environment. “We pride ourselves on providing top-notch care to our clients,” stated Shuffett. 

21st District State Representative Amy Neighbors Photo by PJ Martin

Next, 21st District State Representative Amy Neighbors spoke about some of the house bills that are headed to the Governor’s desk with only 2 days left in the regular session noting, “The house has delivered real measurable results for our constituents during this year’s 30-day session.”

Rep. Neighbors listed some of the bills which have been passed. HB1 which lowers the individual income tax to 4.5%. HB75 expands the Medicaid Hospital Rate Improvement Program (HRIP) to include outpatient and inpatient care. SB54 will allow students taking trade classes such as welding or construction to be eligible for KEES Scholarships. HB32 will allow schools to hire classified personnel without a high school diploma as long as they are provided the means to earn their diploma. HB 200 creates a public/private healthcare investment fund to support people who want a career in healthcare.

She noted that as of Thursday, March 16, the governor had 127 bills and 4 resolutions on his desk to ponder, plus he has already signed 18 bills and 2 resolutions.

Following Rep. Neighbors was Senator Max Wise who stated that the Senate’s vision is committed to family values and is standing for conservative values. An example of that is SB150 which prevents gender-altering surgeries on youth and states that schools must provide parents 2 weeks’ notice before and require signed parental consent for human sexuality to be taught to their child.

Kentucky State Senator Max Wise Photo by PJ Martin

The bill also ends the bathroom/locker room gender issue. Wise exclaimed, “If you were born a boy or you were born a girl, this is the bathroom, this the locker room, this is the shower room that you’re going to be going to.”

Senator Wise also spoke about SB5 which is on the governor’s desk. The bill deals with obscenity and pornography in books/materials that are in the school library. Wise specified, “We have made sure that some of this crazy ideology and things that are happening; we’re gonna say no to it.”

The next speaker was Edmonton’s Mayor Doug Smith who stated, “Our water improvement project is nearing completion.” He recognized the grants that the city received to help provide water to the unserved residents.

Mayor Smith noted that grants were received to provide newly installed shade coverings over the bleacher at the Edmonton Memorial Park. The next step is to add concrete pads underneath the bleachers. A major project is in the works to reassemble the Mosby Ridge Bridge, to create a walking trail, and a splash pad. Future phases will build a multi-use community building and amphitheater

The mayor also mentioned that the final details were being worked out before the opening of Pennington Stave and Cooperage can occur.

Edmonton Mayor Doug Smith Photo by PJ Martin

Recently elected Judge/Executive Larry Wilson spoke next about the new challenges of the job, but added that with the help of the magistrates, the office staff, and other elected officials, “we’re making some progress.”

One issue that Judge Wilson said he hopes to finish this week is the dog pound problem. He said, “I’m a big dog lover. We’ve worked hard to get a website set up…we’re gonna work on adoptions and fostering so we can treat our animals the way we would want to be treated.”

He noted that several grants were being researched which would help the economy. “We need to look beyond the scope at what we can do and not at what we can’t do.” Adding that he would like to see campgrounds set up around the county. He also plans to install equipment to allow live streaming of the county meetings.

Last but not least was Metcalfe County School Superintendent Josh Hurt who began by saying, “I couldn’t be more proud to be your Superintendent. I’m really proud of our school system. We have so many good things going on.”

He noted that academically, athletically, musically, performance-based, college and career ready, and technically all these areas are working for the students. He added that enrollment is up by about 50 students for a total of 1,500 students in the school system. “We want success for 1,500 students,” he proclaimed.

Metcalfe County Judge/Executive Larry Wilson Photo by PJ Martin

The breakfast was sponsored by Glasgow-Barren Habitat for Humanity ReStore and Manager Melissa Smith explained the store’s process to quell any misinformation. The purpose of the ReStore is “to collect donations from people like all of you and then we sell those items, and that money is what goes to build Habitat homes in Barren County,” explained Smith, adding, “We’ve even had automobiles donated…and a camper.”

The ReStore accepts furniture, cabinets, appliances, housewares, paint, and painting supplies, but no clothing. Smith expressed her appreciation for all those who donate to help further the cause. If you have items to donate, please contact the ReStore. 

The breakfast ended with a drawing for door prizes.

Metcalfe County School Superintendent Josh Hurt Photo by PJ Martin

Habitat for Humanity ReStore Manager Melissa Smith Photo by PJ Martin

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