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WCLU Crain accepts job with WBKO

by Allyson Dix, Managing Editor, Barren County Progress

A familiar voice across the community recently announced his plans to advance in his career path.

WCLU Radio News Director Brennan Crain shared that he is leaving to pursue a new career as Assistant News Director at WBKO News in Bowling Green.

Brennan accepted the position with WCLU as News Director in late January 2019 and had decided at one point to pursue academics and attend medical school. Following the unexpected death of a family member, he decided to halt that path and returned to news reporting for WCLU in October of 2021, which he shared in a social media post.

“It’s not easy to leave a place that’s practically your second home and then move back just a few months later,” he wrote, “Putting pride aside, it proved beneficial to my career as a working journalist.”

Brennan shared three important news elements in his announcement after expressing his eagerness to work with WBKO staff: “Local. First. Now.”

“I stand behind my faith in God as the leading and guiding light in my life each day,” Brennan shared, “It is with no doubt that His plans are always perfect. You can run away from something as fast as you want but it will catch back up with you if it’s meant to be – so I’ve learned.”

Brennan’s longstanding dedication to reporting news and pursuit of journalism for the citizens of the Glasgow-Barren community has proven to be a source that many have come to trust and will now miss.

Jeff Jobe, Community Publisher of the Barren County Progress said, “Brennan has grown tremendously and will be an asset to the Bowling Green news station.”

On behalf of Jeff Jobe and the editorial team of Jobe Publishing, we wish Brennan success as he moves on to the next chapter. Like Mayor Henry Royse said, “Working beside him was never anything less than professional.”

Brennan Crain

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  1. Russ fisher on March 25, 2023 at 8:28 pm

    First congratulations Brennan on you call River. I have to say that the team you leave behind has been preparing for this day. You were off last Wednesday and the young man taking you place with news was amazing, it was like he had been doing the news for years. Not sure of his man but looking forward to listening to him each day, an amazing new talent I am sure you mentored. I believe he is the best I heard, his timing was perfect working with James in doing the news and general communication making the show so entertaining.

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