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Emergency Declaration

By PJ Martin 


The Herald-News 


The members of the Edmonton City Council met on Monday, March 6th with all members in attendance except City Fire Chief Jerry Clemmons. 

 The Mayor, Doug Smith began by stating, “I have declared a state of emergency to the city limits of Edmonton due to recent wind damage that occurred on Friday, March 3rd. We met this morning and wanted to offer some assistance to the residents in the city and are going to run the chipper like we do for leaf pick up in the fall.” 

 “If residents can bring their brush and small tree debris to the side of the city streets, the city maintenance crew will come through on Monday of every week for the month of March and take care of disposing of the debris.” 

 Surplus Bids 

 The city accepted sealed bids for 5 surplus vehicles. The bids were opened by Mayor Smith and the following people were awarded the bids.  

 Item #1 – 2007 Chevy Colorado – David Mosier $500 

Item #2 – 2007 Chevy Colorado – David Mosier $1,000 

Item #3 – 1999 Ford F250 – Greg Vibbert $1,000 

Item #4 – 2015 Dodge Charger Cruiser – Ringwood Motors of Ringwood, IL $780 

Item #5 – 1992 Freightliner Tanker Fire Truck – Robert Bell $6,530 * 

 *The Tanker Fire Truck is half owned by the county and the bid is subject to approval by the MCVFD. 

 Several updates were proposed to the Policy and Procedure Manual of the Edmonton Police Department using committee policy, KRS updates, and changes relating to new court cases. The updates refer to the following policies Search and Seizure: Residences, Prisoner Transportation, Domestic Violence, Dealing with Persons of Diminished Capacity, and Critical Incident Investigation and Review OIS. Only one required the choice of wording options Internal Affairs/Citizen Complaints, section III, C, 2, and the council voted for the simply stated option on the recommendation of City Attorney Brian Pack. 

 Edmonton Police Chief Delaney Wilson gave the February report with the following 12 arrests, 8 non-injury accidents, 1 alcohol intoxication, 3 alarms, 3 animal complaint, 20 citations written, 3 domestic disturbances, 2 DUIs, 3 EPOs, 1 fight, 1 incomplete 911 call, 5 investigations, 3 motorists assisted, 4 medical calls, 4 drug complaint, 22 traffic stops, 2 trash complaints, and 5 warrants served. 

 Parks Director Brian Garrett stated that the shade covering for the bleachers has been completed and the wind did not damage it. 

 No February fire run report was presented in the absence of Chief Jerry Clemmons. 

 Other Business 

 The Chamber of Commerce requested that East Stockton Street be closed to traffic for Summerfest on June 3, 2023. The request was unanimously approved by the council. 

 Judge/Executive Larry Wilson had requested to be added to the agenda to discuss the Metcalfe County Animal Shelter situation, however, he was unable to attend at the last minute. 



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