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Horses go Home

County transfers ownership and legal appeals are over

Barren County Attorney Mike Richardson, center, reads the order approved by the fiscal court to declare the horses as county surplus property and return ownership of all nine horses to Brittany Turner. Also pictured is Judge/Executive Jamie Byrd and Magistrate Tim Coomer.
Photo by Jeff Jobe, JPI

Jeff Jobe
Community Publisher
Barren County Progress/JPI

In what readers of the Barren County Progress know is the right decision, Barren County Fiscal Court has voted unanimously to transfer ownership of all nine horses back to the former owner, Brittany Turner.

In an agreement offered and refused by the previous court and former judge-executive, the Turners will drop all legal proceedings against what they feel was more of a criminal act than an ethical court process giving them a fair and balanced day in court.

Today, February 28, 2023, is a good day for all concerned and a good step to closure and unity. This new Fiscal Court has stepped up and is leading with unity, essential to any transparent government operation.

The order, in its entirety is at right, and revisits much of the details that have only been provided by the BCP. Keep reading as we report on the legal fight now with Micheal and Shani Hale against Brittany Turner in setting a $17,000 lien the Hales have placed on the one horse referenced as being “on the then-Judge Executive’s property, without permission of the Fiscal Court.”

Incidentally, this agreement signed and approved clearly states the Hales took possession of the county property without any knowledge or approval from the body in which he was to serve, Barren County Fiscal Court. It will be interesting to see how their claim for boarding will work out for them in the Barren County Court this time around.

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