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Loans and cameras

Industrial Board Chairman Wes Jolly presented detailed loan information. Photo by PJ Martin

By PJ Martin


The Herald-News


The Edmonton City Council met on Monday, February 6th for the February meeting. All members were in attendance except City Attorney Brian Pack.

The Edmonton-Metcalfe Industrial Development Authority (IDA) Chairman Wes Jolly presented an update on the Pennington Stave & Cooperage (PS&C) stating that the inside equipment is installed, the outside equipment is 99% finished on the south side, and the east side is in process.

“The one major item holding up everything from being able to tender PS&C a certificate of occupancy,” stated Jolly adding, “I believe they will be up and running sometime in the first quarter of this year pending this remaining issue with the fire pump being resolved.”

However, the reason Jolly was addressing the council is the expected cost of $77,372.52 due in part to the unexpected costs to rework the concrete pads which hold the outside equipment.

The fiscal court has already approved a $38,686.26 loan to IDA, which is 50% of the expected cost and Jolly requested the same loan from the city council.

Clerk Dawn Devore reminded the council that $30,000 was budgeted for industrial board use and around $5,200 of that has been used. “We could possibly have to do an amendment before the end of the year if you choose to approve this.”

Councilmember Cathy Nunn made the motion to loan half of the $77,372.52 and Councilmember Teresa Hamlett seconded the motion. The council voted unanimously to approve the motion.

Resolution 2022-2023-02 Hazard Mitigation Grant was presented for discussion. The resolution provides for Mayor Doug Smith to apply for the grant through federal assistance under the Disaster Relief Act for the purchase of three generators for the water, sewer, and gas department. The approval was unanimous.

Edmonton Police Chief Delaney Wilson presented the January report as follows 13 arrests, 7 non-injury accidents, 1 alcohol intoxication, 7 alarms, 1 animal complaint, 17 citations written, 3 domestic disturbances, 3 EPOs, 3 investigations, 6 motorists assisted, 7 medical calls, 1 drug complaint, 18 traffic stops, 3 trash complaints, and 10 warrants served for a total of 100 calls.

The ABC report was presented by Fred Ray who stated, “Everybody is in compliance except Family Dollar. We don’t have their regulatory fee yet.”

Parks Director Brian Garrett stated that the installation had begun on the shade covering for the bleachers. “They’ve got roughly half the posts set.”

Edmonton Fire Chief Jerry Clemmons reported runs in January with 7 medical runs, 3 fires, 1 grass fire, 1 building inspection, 1 lift assist, 1 wreck, and 1 alarm.

Clemmons also presented the court with an estimate for the purchase of backup cameras for Ladder One, Engine One, one camera for the co-owned truck, and the labor to install the cameras for a total of $895. The council approved the cost.

There was no other business noted so the meeting was adjourned.

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