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County handles business with student observers

Metcalfe County students in the Talented and Gifted program stand for the Pledge of Allegiance with court members while attending to observe the Metcalfe County Fiscal Court following studies on local government. Photo by Allyson Dix

Allyson Dix

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Students from the Talented and Gifted (TAG) observed the Metcalfe County Fiscal Court in the Jan. 24 meeting as they pushed through many items of business.

TAG Instructor Autumn Shirley told The Edmonton Herald-News that the class has been learning about local government and attended the court meeting for experience. The students range from grades 4 through 8 and attend Metcalfe County Schools.

Metcalfe County Judge/Executive told the students, “I’m proud to see you here. This is good learning experience for you. And who knows? This might trigger something in your mind that you might want to pursue a career in.”

Industrial Development Authority Chairman Wes Jolly, at left, with Emily Hathcock of BRADD, awaiting the decision for approval of a $38K loan fund for the Pennington Stave & Cooperage project. Photo by Allyson Dix

IDA Loan Approved

The fiscal court approved a loan for additional monies needed for the Pennington Stave & Cooperage (PS&C) project last week.

Wes Jolly, Chairman of the Industrial Development Authority Board (IDA) approached the Metcalfe County Fiscal Court to request the loan on behalf of the Industrial Development Authority Board, which is an extension of an interlocal agreement with local government entities.

Unexpected costs bumped the project even more and Jolly said he planned to ask the City of Edmonton to help with the costs as well.

With all magistrates present, the court unanimously approved a $38,686.26 loan to IDA, which is 50% of the original amount requested by Jolly.

He also updated the court on the status and numerous details of the PS&C construction and according to Jolly, “Everything is on schedule to be completed by Feb. 8.”

In addition to the loan approval, magistrates also approved two other formality contracts, according to Jolly, due to the construction running later than originally anticipated, a non-contract Change Order and CDBG Contract Amendments.

Emily Hathcock with Barren River Area Development District was also present for questions.

Students observe as Metcalfe County’s Judge/Executive Larry Wilson and County Attorney Sharon Howard review the contract for the loan funds requested from the Industrial Development Authority Board. Photo by Allyson Dix

Animal Shelter Update

Our readers may recall a detailed story regarding the animal control and shelter matters last week most recently initiated by Metcalfe County Sheriff Lonnie Hodges.

Metcalfe County Judge/Executive Larry Wilson gave an update on the animal control and local shelter.

He said Dr. David LaFever, who has contracted with the county as the Metcalfe County Animal Shelter, is currently in process of drafting a new contract since the last one expired in November 2022.

It is expected LaFever will attend the next fiscal court meeting with a contract draft for the court to review.

Wilson reiterated the nationwide problem with unwanted pets and strays.

Wilson said, while the path forward is a work in progress, he plans to meet with someone for the potential of building a web page for the shelter to boost adoption rates as social media platforms aren’t always reliable in reaching large numbers of people.

He also said once the website is complete, he’d like to implement a program, including himself, to allow individuals to foster animals until the shelter has available space or an adoption.

Details aren’t concrete at this point, but a start in moving forward in tackling animal control.

Closed Session

A closed session that lasted around 30 minutes for a “Personnel Issue” resulted in no actions taken.

Recent Appointments

 In the first two meetings of the fiscal court for this year, several appointments were made. Those include:

Lorrie Boston, Deputy Judge/Executive

Tommy Ennis, Assistant Road Supervisor

Emory Kidd, Floodplain Coordinator; Applicant Agent for Federal financial assistance pertaining to emergencies and disasters

Dr. Deann Hughes, to fill the unexpired term of Eddie Jessie with the Extension District Board

Additionally, the court approved the addition of a new revenue code for the CDBG Bowling Park Food Park Pantry Funds. Two items of business on the agenda were not completed due to the absence of Emory Kidd and Scotty Mosby, who would have presented a discussion of magistrate training and recycling center report, respectively.

They also approved an Order of Affiliation to establish the responsibilities and chain of command as it relates to the four-county rescue squads.


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