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6th annual Hay and Straw Auction

By PJ Martin


The Herald-News

As farmers in the state endeavor to feed their livestock as they do each year, agents from Metcalfe, Barren, Monroe, Hart, and Allen extension offices are working together to help. This year’s annual tri-county hay and straw action will be held on Saturday, January 28th at 10 a.m. at the Metcalfe County Fairgrounds.

The auction began in 2018 as a way to help struggling farmers, especially in dry years and harder for farmers to produce enough hay to feed their livestock, and also in years when feeding hay must begin earlier than normal in winter.

Also auctioned is straw that may be used for bedding, landscaping, and other various needs. The same auction premiums apply to the straw. Hay will be accepted in small square bales, large square bales, and rolls.

There are no commissions, but a 5% buyer’s premium will be charged, and for any lots that do not sell there is a $25 fee. The 5% buyers’ premium goes toward supporting the Metcalfe County Fair.

The lots of hay are all weighed and checked for nutritional value which is listed on each lot allowing the buyers information on what they are purchasing for their herds.

If you have hay or straw that you would like to sell, you can contact Brandon Bell at the Metcalfe County Extension Office by calling 270-432-3561.

If you are located in one of the other participating counties and have hay or straw you wish to sell, please call your county’s extension agent at the numbers listed on the flyer.

A special bonus is being presented this year by the WKU Raising Hope team who has partnered with the Barren River District Health Department to offer free tetanus, flu shots, and stress screening for farmers and their families.

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