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Wingin’ it

Allyson Dix

Jobe Publishing, Inc.


From deck the halls to cat puke (literally), sometimes moms find themselves just winging it through the holidays. Maybe not just moms, but those who are juggling all the things, all the planning, with all the kids, during all the festivities and events, well into the wee morning hours—day in, day out—for what seems like an eternity. And that’s just the extras sprinkled—okay, dumped into a heaping pile—onto our regular days.

Hey, I see you! Yes, we are winging it right now, aren’t we? Getting through the holidays can be stressful. But more than ever, now is a great reminder to take time to reflect on what Christmas is really about and what our role as mothers entail according to the Bible.

The Bible says motherhood is many things. In Psalms 127:3, God’s Word says, “Lo, children are an heritage of the Lord: and the fruit of the womb is his reward.” Stop and let that sink in for a moment!

A divine gift to each of us—straight from the Creator himself! That alone amazes me, and reminds me to cherish rather than stress over the moments that seem too overwhelming…although it sounds much easier to say than it really is, it is actually a great time to hand it all to Him. After all, He desires a relationship with each of us even in the most mundane of moments.

And when I need help to muster the mental anguish and I am even at the point of describing the simplest of tasks as such, I whisper, “Lord, help me,” as I make my way to clean the cat puke from my floor on the three hours of sleep between the nonstop holiday-bustling day after day. (Talk about the sanctifying path motherhood brings!)

And He does, every time. So, Moms—this is for you. Enjoy this Christmas, and all of them, because at the end of the day and our lives, these are the very moments we knew we were alive and well while living and molding God’s most precious gifts He has given to us.

After all, handling such precious cargo is of the utmost importance and that alone is a heavy load—don’t carry it alone! If He will help me handle the feline fuzzy hairball upchucked onto the rug, He will walk beside each of us through anything!

Merry Christmas, Moms!





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