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The Return of the “Little People”

Butler Family Funeral Home uses displays carolers for the first time nearly five decades. Photo by Allyson Dix

Allyson Dix

Jobe Publishing, Inc.


For the first time in nearly five decades, Butler Family Funeral Home on the Edmonton Square displays their Christmas carolers in the front lawn of the property.

The four standing carolers adorned in red and white attire display a variety of hair colors from grey to brown. They each hold a blue songbook and their painted mouths are designed in such a way it appears they are singing in unison.

Larry Wilson with Butler Funeral Home said the carolers display has been stored in the attic for nearly 48 years and it was time to bring them down again.

Wilson said a former employee, Otis Watt, would bring them down back in those days when the holidays rolled around.

“He would always say, ‘It’s time to get the little people out,’” Wilson said with a smile. He said with being his last year at the funeral home, he wanted to bring the little people back down again for a little history that the community can enjoy during the upcoming Christmas season.

In addition, the local funeral home also displays green wreaths with red ribbons along the railing and entrances of the building’s façade.

In a time where families come to prepare arrangements for the loss of their loved ones, the warmth of the Christmas decorations provides a gentle reminder of the reason we celebrate: the birth of Jesus—this is the truest source of hope, refuge, and comfort in a time of mourning as families enter the funeral home to say their goodbyes one last time.


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