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Food pantry plans move forward

BRADD representatives Matt Pedigo and Emily Hathcock were in attendance to answer questions about the park Resolution. Photo by PJ Martin

By PJ Martin


The Herald-News


The Metcalfe County Fiscal Court met on a special date of Monday, November 7th due to Election Day being on Tuesday. All members were in attendance.

At the last meeting, the fiscal court saw the Resolution for Bowling Park die due to no motion being made; however, the Resolution was back on the agenda. BRADD representatives Matt Pedigo and Emily Hathcock along with Lisa Boswell Executive Director of Bowling Park were in attendance to clear up any confusion about the resolution.

“This is something that has to be signed for the grant to go through, but we have to make an agreement that cost overrun will be bore by Bowling Park instead of the county,” explained Stilts.

Pedigo stated, “I spoke with Travis Weber at the Dept. of Local Government, he agrees to a legally binding agreement that would place the responsibilities of any overrun onto Bowling Park would be the best solution.”

Hathcock explained the situation, “You have a non-profit that is going to be managing this facility (food pantry), but they have gotten enough grant funds to more than cover what is anticipated…We don’t anticipate the county being on the hook for any financial dollars. Unfortunately, this is just a requirement that the state has that if we don’t get it passed you’ll end up giving the grant back.”

Due to the tight timeframe, the Resolution was approved and updated immediately after the meeting adjourned.

An update was presented by Hathcock on the Hazard Mitigation Plan for the county. The plan is now updated and active after being approved by FEMA.

A Resolution for the Phillip Whitlow Road extension was approved. Stilts explained that it is an upgrade to the county standard with cross tiles and ditches and that it is 426 ft. County Attorney Barry Gilley stated that he had the deed. Stilts noted that the deed mentions a 30 ft. right of way, but the description says 20 ft. right of way.

Gilley stated, “We’ve always done 30 ft. right of ways. Thirty foots the minimum.” Explaining that he will need the surveyor to correct it.

The court approved the advertisement for bids on two mowing tractors for the Road Department with specifications of 80-85 HP, 4WD, and an enclosed cab. The two older tractors will be traded in.

The October financial statement, inter-fund transfers, and claims were reviewed and approved. The members were provided reports from the Recycling, DES, and Road Departments for review.

Magistrate Kenny Scott asked Stilts when the fire ban might be lifted. Stilts replied that even though we had a little rain, the leaves falling are still dry and he didn’t want to lift it too soon and then have to declare another ban.



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