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The Horse Saga: Attorney to Appeal Dismissal

Paula L. Ratliff
BSC, MS Criminologist and Author

Gary Logsdon, attorney for Greg Turner and his daughter, Brittany Turner, the owner of the seized horses at Barren River State Riding Stables, has filed a Notice of Appeal and Designation of Record on Appeal, giving official notice that he is appealing the order by Barren County Circuit Court Judge John Alexander. Alexander recently dismissed the lawsuit granting immunity to all government officials and citing the expiration of the statute of limitations based on the actions in district court.

“I expected the six attorneys to run right down the rabbit hole, and they did. It’s time we pull that rabbit out of the hole” said Logsdon. He maintains that the defenses of statute of limitations and immunity was an abuse of the discretion of the court.”
“The pursuit of justice is often a winding path delayed by offsets and hindrances. Yet, the path continues through twists and turns, as we expose the for truth and seek justice.”

Meanwhile, eight of the horses are at the Barren River State Boarding Stables and the taxpayers of Barren County are paying for their care. One horse is missing or unaccounted for. Where is the missing horse? Who has possession of it? Can the County Judge-Executive and Fiscal Court provide an update to the community?

Details of the appeal will be available next week. Stay tuned.

* Publisher’s note: The horse issue was first discussed by magistrates in the March 2022 Barren County Fiscal Court meeting. J/E Hale was requesting the county to purchase a cattle (horse) trailer. With several emails, texts and denied open record requests to the county, a BCP photographer found eight horses at the Barren River State Park and one at Hale’s home. No updates have been provided to the community since those initial discussions. It was confirmed no veterinarian suggested removing the horse from the park and there is no official adoption process, nor any public notice for housing the seized property.

* The writer will be offering rebuttals and official responses as they are made available.

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