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Hometown Hero Deborah Perkins Bradley

It is important to encourage others because you never know what someone is going through.” Deborah Bradley

Positivity and and the love of Jesus is what Deborah Bradley strives to bring to others. Photo submitted.

Mary Beth Sallee

Reporter, Hart Co. News-Herald


Deborah Bradley’s favorite Bible verse is John 3:16: “For God so loved the world, that He gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”

Through her faith, Deborah strives to show this love to others each and every day.

For 37 years, Deborah worked in a sewing factory. Now retired, she continues to do alterations for others and also create sewing crafts. She is also a full-time nana who is active in a variety of organizations, including Zion District Missionary President, Three Sisters in Christ on a Mission group member, and Salvation Army volunteer

“You never know who’s having a bad day or what they could be going through, so I always want to make sure that I leave a positive impact on anyone throughout my day,” Deborah said.

Because of her service to others and the impact she has through all she does for the community, Deborah was nominated by Melinda England to be the Hart County News-Herald’s Hometown Hero for the month of October.

Deborah Bradley can often be seen at a variety of community events to show her support for others. Photo submitted.

“I would love to nominate Deborah Bradley for Hometown Hero. I have seen the love she has for her community and everyone around her,” Melinda wrote in her nomination. “When we were in cardio drumming together, she always had the most encouraging words for all the ladies in the group. When my grandmother passed away, she was there for me and my sister Mary Beth with words of love and understanding. The most important thing I love about Deborah is her love for Jesus Christ. Me being a young Christian woman and mother finds hope in this. She is always praising her Lord and giving Him all the glory. She is such a kindhearted individual. There is not enough words to put on paper why she, Ms. Deborah, deserves to be Hart County’s Hometown Hero.”

Jennifer Briggs, a long-time friend of Deborah and also a group member of Three Sisters in Christ, described Deborah as “an icon of the community.”

“I often tell her she should run for mayor of Munfordville, and she will say ‘Girl, I can’t. I live in the county,’” wrote Jennifer. “She has been an asset at so many levels. I first remember her from the Shorty’s TV and appliance commercial of the early 2000s. Just a little while later, I met her again at the Hart County Relay for Life. And thereafter, she entrusted me to be her primary care provider. We began a friendship that has grown into a sisterhood.”

“Deborah is there for me,” Jennifer continued. “Whenever I have upsetting worries, I call her and she prays with me. She has been my patient, seamstress, my sister, and my friend. I try to tell her as often as I can how thankful I am that God put her In my life. She loves her friends, family, church, and community with all her heart. There is no other person I know that is more deserving of the Hart County Hometown Hero than Sister Deborah Bradley. God, thank you for bringing her in our lives so she can be your salt and light in what at times can feel like a dark world.”

As a person who has been described as someone who has a love for her community and everyone around her, Deborah credits her servant’s heart to her faith and upbringing.

“The reason I am able to exhibit that kind of love is because of God and Mother,” Deborah said. “…That’s what God wants us to do, help and love one another.”

“It is important to encourage others because you never know what someone is going through,” Deborah added. “I know whenever I’m down, it’s always good to hear a word of positivity. It’s important to volunteer because you don’t know whenever you may need a helping hand.”

Deborah’s service, love, and kindness is a source of encouragement and light that is very much needed in this community and world. The Hart County News-Herald is proud to recognize Deborah Bradley as this month’s Hometown Hero.

Deborah Bradley, second from right, is a source of light for her family and others. Photo submitted.

Deboarh Bradley, center, is a member of the group Three Sisters in Christ on a Mission. Photo submitted.

Pictured third from right, Deborah Bradley is the Zion District Missionary President. Photo submitted.



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