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A- Maze-ing tradition

In the maze, Lynn Hawkins tells the children facts about corn. Photo by PJ Martin

By PJ Martin


The Herald-News


The students at Metcalfe County Elementary seemed to be having an amazing time at the corn maze located below the high school at 208 Randolph Street on Friday.

This is the 6th year that the Hawkins family has teamed up with the Ag class to grow the corn and turn it into a maze. The Ag Food Science and Technology teacher Lynn Hawkins along with Biology teacher Kelly Shaw, Culinary teacher Tonya Howard, Ag teacher Josh Jones, the Extension office ladies, and Sasha Grissom with the Soil Conservation office all participated to make the day fun and educational. The kids all had to do a visual, a game, or an activity in order to participate in the corn maze.

The four volunteer tractor drivers Harvey and Hayden Hawkins, Lane Judd, and Ricky Zurmehly took the children from the elementary school to the corn maze on wagons while other teachers assisted the kids as they traveled from one location to the other. They were greeted and helped off the wagon by the Hornet mascot. The kids loved the mascot and were giving it high fives and hugs.

Groups were led by teachers and older students through the maze, stopping at teaching stations along the way where they were presented with facts about corn and corn byproducts. After the maze, the students participate in fun games, learn about rabbits, and goats, and other farm animals. then get a hay ride back to the elementary school. It’s an adventure and learning rolled into one.

The Hawkins family plants and tends to the cornfield until fall when it’s time to cut the maze into it. Along with the maze, the older student must research facts and teach the younger ones about corn. This teaches the Ag and Art students about research and they become comfortable speaking to groups. The young students also learn that corn doesn’t come from the grocery store, but is grown on a farm.

At dark, the maze takes on a spooky look as it is turned into the “Haunted Corn Maze.” The Ag and Art students operate and ‘haunt’ the maze for the public the last couple of weekends before Halloween. It gives local families a fun and affordable way to get in the Halloween spirit and the money earned goes toward the Agriculture program and Art Club.

Once the Halloween fun is over, the Food Science and Technology Classes bag and sell the harvested corn to deer hunters or anyone else who wants to purchase it. That money goes toward the Food Science and Technology class projects.

If you would like to visit the haunted corn maze it will be held this weekend October 28th and 29th from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. Admission is only $5.

If you would like to purchase a bag of deer corn, you can call 270-590-5805 to order.

The Hornet mascot getting hugs and high five’s from the children. Photo by PJ Martin

Everyone wanted their picture taken with Wildcat who came with the Extension office ladies. He loves fruits and vegetables and tells the children how important they are to nutrition. Photo by PJ Martin

Savannah holding a baby rabbit named Snowflake, one of two rabbits the children could learn about. Photo by PJ Martin

Holly the goat got to meet all the children. Photo by PJ Martin


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