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Edmonton State Bank 125 years and counting

Edmonton State Bank before the days of paved streets. Standing in front are teller Mrs. Mae Cooksey Martin and bank president A.J. Thompson. The unchanged sign still read The Peoples Bank at that time. The Edmonton Herald-News Archives

By PJ Martin


The Herald-News


Back in 1897 they probably didn’t think about 125 years into the future when Edmonton State Bank was founded.

Originally, at one location in Edmonton, the bank has grown to include 13 locations in Metcalfe, Barren Monroe, Allen, and Warren counties.

From the start, the Thompson family has owned and operated the bank and serves the public with up-to-date services.

The special anniversary was celebrated as a customer appreciation day with music, free food, prize drawings, and fellowship at the main bank in Edmonton.

Congratulations to Edmonton State Bank for serving the community for 125 years and may you celebrate many more!

Edmonton State Bank as it looks today with its drive-in windows and much larger building. Photo by PJ Martin




During the celebration, customers were treated to free food being prepared by the staff and picked up in the front lobby. Photo by PJ Martin

No meal is complete without sweets. The ladies set out cupcakes for customers. Photo by PJ Martin

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