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Security cameras discussed

County Clerk Shannon Fields presented security camera cost estimates to the court. Photo by PJ Martin

By PJ Martin


The Herald-News


The Metcalfe County Fiscal Court met in a special session on Friday, September 16th with all members in attendance except magistrate Donnie Smith.

Metcalfe County Clerk Shannon Fields presented the fiscal court with details and estimates for security cameras to cover the voting machine storage area. New legislation SB 216 Section 4 and KRS 117.295 require this to be implemented.

Fields asked for permission to purchase the security cameras from Quality Security Systems for a cost of $2,657.32 which includes 5 MP, SD cards, a battery backup, and a 2-year warranty. This is the same company that handles office security.

There were two bids received and this one was $24 lower and included the extras noted. Fields stated that the Board of Elections has already met and chosen this estimate pending the approval of the fiscal court.

“You can’t use the money from your excess fees?” questioned magistrate Ronnie Miller.

“Well by law anything that has to do with elections, fiscal court is supposed to pay for that,” explained Fields.

“Be the same thing. If she uses her excess fees, we get them anyway,” noted Miller.

After discussion, it was approved for the clerk’s office to use funds from their excess fees to purchase the security system. The court also approved the installation of Wi-Fi for phone app monitoring purposes, however, if any equipment changes were needed, that must be brought to a special called meeting.

County Attorney Barry Gilley reminded the court that prepayment or partial payment before the installation work is not allowed. A Purchase Order No. can be given and payment to a vendor is made in full once the work is completed.

Next, the fiscal court discussed roof repairs for the maintenance barn which has several leaks. Five Star Commercial Roofing quoted a four-layer repair with a 15-year warranty for $19,535. The quote was approved.

As discussed in the previous meeting, the Animal Control transport trailer is in need of replacement. The court approved the purchase of a chassis mount small animal transport box for the Animal Control truck in the amount of $12,430. The unit ships from the company in North Carolina and is made of aluminum and insulated to protect the animals from hot and cold temperatures.

The leasing of the old Sheriff’s building to HG Staffing was approved.

The court approved the signing of the FY23 Flex Fund Agreement and Resolution.

The August financial statement, inter-fund transfers, and claims were reviewed and approved. The members were provided reports from the Recycling, DES, and Road Departments for review.

The next meeting was set for Tuesday, September 27th at 9 a.m. in the fiscal courtroom.

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