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Barren County Property Deed Transfers

The following deeds were filed in the office of the Barren County Clerk during the August 29, 2022, to September 02, 2022, time period.

Jonathon Horton and Tabatha Horton to James Taylor McMillen, Lot 17 (P18/315), Wellington Subdivision. Tax $27.00.

Ronnie Daryl Johnson, Christopher Adam Holley, Amanda Holley, Jonathan Lee Holley, and Roberta Holley to Joe Lee Hood and Marika Harbison, 1.00 acres, Myers Mill Road. Tax $235.00.

Dana R. Carr, Joshua Carr, and Bonita F. Beatty to Dana Carr, Dana R. Carr, and Joshua Carr, 2 parcels, Coral Hill Road. No tax.

Snake Point LLC to Michael Buchberger and Heather Buchberger, Lot 1 (P4/10), Indian Hills Resort. Tax $50.00.

James C. Lee, James Lee, Anna M. Lee, and Anna Lee to Meadows Holdings LLC, Multiple parcels, HWY 31W. Tax $207.00.

Keven Todd Pruitt and Tammy Ruth Pruitt to Jonathan England and Emilee England, 2.138 acres (Lot 14), Tanglewood. Tax $37.50.

Augustine Leyva to Shavada Annie Bunton, Multiple lots, Columbia Heights Subdivision. Tax $158.00.

Mary Elizabeth Nunn to Jeffrey M. Bruce and Anne R. Bruce, Lot, Trigg Court. Tax $250.00.

Bethel Gail Hayes to Terrill Riley and Nicole Riley, Lot 3 (0.459 acres), Bale Avenue. Tax $8.00.

Jeremy L. Runyon and Angela D. Runyon to Steven G. Hernandez and Lorie A. Hernandez, 2 parcels, Edmonds Road. Tax $125.00.

William C. Swafford, Teresa Akin Swafford, and Brian M P Driver, Trustee to Teresa Akin Swafford, and Brian M P Driver, Trustee, 4.791 acres (P21/905), Browning School Rd. No tax.

John R. Borntreger and Alma M. Borntreger to Josie Hostetler and Ida Hostetler, 10.68 acres (P21/927), East Nobob Road. Tax $172.00.

First Care Realty LLC to Columbia Wholesale Company LLC, 0.513 acres (Lot 2A P21/632), NL Roger Well Blvd. Tax $1,682.50.

Estate of Lonnie S. Moore and Lonnie S. Moore Estate to Warren Jeffery Blaine and Laura Fay Blaine, Tracts 11 & 12   (P21\913), Lewis Road. Tax $246.50.

Josh Payne to Greg Brooks and Kathy Brooks, 10.424 acres (P21/914), Stallion Way. Tax $150.00.

David Graham and Linda Graham to Alan Wayne Eubank, 2 parcels, HWY 90. Tax $240.00.

Anthony Tyler Kenney and Nancy Kenney to Eric Andrae Duke and Lakedith Duke, 0.407 acres (Lot 65), Macafee Lane. Tax $205.00.

Alfred Hishmeh and Jennifer Hishmeh to Kyle Raye Hishmeh, Lot 7 (P6/325), Tick Ridge Rd. Tax $142.00.

Greg Raymer and Stacy Raymer to Travis Hudnall and Ashley Hudnall, 1.480 acres (P12/617), North Gillock Road. Tax $120.00.

Estate of Betty R. Bailey, Betty R. Bailey Estate, Maude T. Isenberg, J S Calvin Leech, and JS Calvin Leech to Patrick Wayne Gaunce, 0.050 acres (Tract 2 P21/914), Stallion Way. No tax.

Fred Roman to Blane A. Smith and Carmen J. Smith, 0.193 acres (Lot 26), Brittany Lane. Tax $15.00.

Christopher David Knight and Elizabeth Kathleen Knight to Zack Kender and Gail Kender, 0.6665 acres, Tracy-Antioch Road. Tax $25.00.

James Clemmons and Diane Clemmons to Colton L. Satterly and Amanda Satterly, 0.885 acres, Mt. Pleasant-Etoile Rd. No tax.

James Clemmons and Diane Clemmons to Colton L. Satterly and Amanda Satterly, 17.20 acres (P21/937), Mt. Pleasant Etoile Rd. Tax $130.00.

Michael L. Phillips to Michael L. Phillips Living Trust Dated March 8 2017 and Michael L. Phillips Living Trust Dated March 8 201, 0.35 acres (P9/870), HWY 70. No tax.

Elfreda Lewis to Weston Thomas Inman, Lot 12 (P6/80), Needmore Acres. Tax $25.00.

Mary E. Fye to Brandon Kerney and Amy Kerney, 0.451 acre (P13/543), Cleveland Avenue. Tax $137.50.

Jonathan C. Kidwell and Martha Elizabeth Kidwell to Zachary P. Fisher and Jennifer M. Fisher, Lot 19 (P9/452), Autumn Ridge. Tax $33.00.

Randall Trigg and Latokia Trigg to Dennis J. Trigg, Lot 2 (P8/54), East College Street. Tax $50.00.

William Myatt and Port Vale Properties to Kirk M. Chadwick, 0.235 acres (P14/492), Cleveland Avenue. Tax $70.00.

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  1. Marilyn Willis on June 13, 2023 at 3:01 pm

    I own the property 44 gossumm st park city ky . I need to pay you the taxes for 2016 .
    24506 42 Pg 536 . Bill #24506. I have the property sold and need the money from the house for
    Medical bills. My husband had 2 surgery’s and I had 1 and we need to pay these off. Please send me the info to take care of the taxes.

    Marilyn Willis
    1043 Briarwood Drive
    Cottontown Tn 37048

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