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SHC provides fun activities for residents

Mary Beth Sallee

Reporter, Hart Co. News-Herald


For individuals in assisted living residences, activity programs and fun-filled events are an important part of living a quality life.

While playing bingo and watching television may be the stereotyped ways to pass time, there are many more engaging activities for older adults to enjoy.

Activities and events can be fun, creative, and stimulating for the mind. Signature HealthCARE (SHC) of Hart County Rehab and Wellness Center is proving this to be true.

Thanks to SHC Activities Director Jennifer Vance, as well as Green Valley Pay Lakes, residents at SHC of Hart County enjoyed a wonderful day of fishing. Photo submitted.

Devin Dame, Administrator/CEO at SHC of Hart County, stated that the facility strives to provide a variety of creative activities and events to keep its residents engaged and involved, such as arts and crafts projects, spa days, game days, cooking classes, social hours, and even activities that come to SHC. This has included the residents being able to actually fish on the grounds of the facility.

“It was an absolute pleasure working with our entire team and our wonderful community for this special day for our residents and staff. Our Activities Director, Jennifer Vance, reached out to Green Valley Pay Lakes and explained to them our vision for a wonderful day of fishing with our residents. They graciously provided and delivered the tanks, fish, and equipment right to our facility,” Dame said.

“Burkmann Feeds in Glasgow also donated tanks to the facility to use as well. We are so grateful to both of these companies. The residents are still talking about how much fun they had fishing and cannot wait for the opportunity to do it again! It was a great effort by the community and our staff, bringing something special to our residents that they loved and enjoyed.”

Local musicians also visit SHC of Hart County on a regular basis. This includes gospel singing groups and, most recently, Nashville recording artist Cara Bishop.

“We know that music can truly touch the soul and lift spirits, and our residents absolutely love having someone local be able to perform music at the facility for them,” Dame said. “They love each chance they get to listen to live music.”

SHC also ensures that the residents’ faith needs are being met as well.

“Salem Baptist Church has visited with our residents by coming to the facility and providing church services,” Dame explained. “Our residents love any time a church is able to come visit and spread the gospel, as well as individual visits from community members like Brother Dewayne Forbis of WLOC Radio/Studio 101, who shares his services with our residents in person.”

More upcoming events are planned for SHC residents as well.

“We have our Signature Olympics coming up where our residents and staff share in a company-wide competition with playful activities and games, and a bronze, silver, and gold recognition is given to the company-wide winners,” Dame said. “We also have our annual Hall of Fame in November where we will recognize a community member, three residents, and a stakeholder for their outstanding achievements.”

SHC of Hart County strives to provide a variety of creative activities and events for its residents, including arts and crafts projects, spa days, game days, cooking classes, and social hours. Photo submitted.

All residents at SHC of Hart County are encouraged to participate in activities Adjustments to the activities are made according to a resident’s abilities so that anyone is able to participate.

According to Dame, it is a top priority to have activities and events for its residents.

“First, it’s a part of our mission to help our residents Live Life With Purpose! And secondly, most of our residents look forward to the chance to interact with one another, the stakeholders, and/or the community,” Dame said. “It gives them that important connection, like an extended part of their own families. And our stakeholders look forward to the events just as much as the residents do…They (our residents) are so appreciative of the community interaction and the bringing of events to them, which they enjoy just as they did in their own home.”

In order to fund events and activities, SHC receives and accepts donations from the community. The facility also hosts fundraisers throughout the year and has its Signature Inspire Foundation that helps residents with certain activities, even making special dreams come true, through its Dream Equation program. SHC also has a very dedicated group of volunteers.

Signature HealthCARE of Hart County not only offers long-term care and placement, but also great rehab-to-home services.

“We are more than a long-term, skilled nursing facility,” Dame said. “We are a family that wants to provide your loved with quality care to lead to a quality of life that they can enjoy during their stay with us.”

For more information about SHC of Hart County, visits its website at You can also view more photos of SHC activities on the Signature HealthCARE of Hart County Rehab and Wellness Center page on Facebook.

Remembering Bianca

Bianca joined the Signature HealthCARE of Hart County family on July 11, 2016. Over the years, she brought love and happiness to the facility’s residents, stakeholders, family members, and visitors. Bianca passed away on May 15, 2022.

“Bianca was more than a pet. She was a part of the family,” said Devin Dame, Devin Dame, Administrator/CEO at SHC. “She was a friend to many, a smiling face greeting you at the door when you entered, and she was there in good times and bad for not only the residents but also the stakeholders. It was a hard day when she passed away as she touched the lives of so many.”

A special memorial was held in honor and memory of Bianca.

“It was wonderful to be able to come together and share memories of Bianca, not only for the stakeholders and residents, but for the community that visited the nursing home as well who were greeted by Bianca daily,” Dame said.





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