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A Fresh Start for Caverna Cheer

Head coach Jalen Woodard, far left, is a Caverna Alumni, and can always be found excitedly lifting up his team and encouraging them to do their best. Photo submitted

Katrina England

Reporter, Hart Co. News-Herald


Something big is happening for Caverna Cheerleaders. New coaches, new squad. Fresh start.

“I’m so excited to truly be back on the cheer mat,” said Head Coach Jalen Woodard. “It’s bound to be a great year. I’m determined to bring that purple pride and the true definition of Caverna cheer!”

Woodard’s assistant coach is Caverna Elementary kindergarten teacher Beth Carter, who is no stranger to the sport, having coached it before.

Carter’s daughter Allyssa has cheered for four years and is one of the squad’s seniors, also serving as captain.

“This season is very different. We are off to an amazing start that we haven’t had in the past,” explained Allyssa. “The energy and positivity that we are constantly surrounded with, by our coaches, is a huge blessing. With both of our coaches being alumni, they share a common goal of making Caverna successful. This group of girls, we all share a love of cheer and a love for Caverna. We all want to achieve so much and, with that mentality, I believe we will accomplish great things!”

As captain, Allyssa has even set some pretty impressive goals for the team.

“I want to be able to make our school and community see what Caverna Cheer is capable of and restore the Purple Pride among us all,” she said. “I want the cheer team to set a good example and be role models to those younger students who want to be just like us one day.”

“A large majority of people don’t realize how much effort and dedication it takes to be a cheerleader,” Allyssa continued. “As a cheerleader, we not only encourage our friends while they are playing, but we have to be strong enough to hold a stunt in the middle of a pyramid. We have to be creative enough to choreograph an entire three-minute performance and go in in front of a crowd and perform that routine. Being a student-athlete is difficult at times, but it’s all worth it when you are able to wow the crowd every time you perform with something they don’t expect, and that is my goal, and we are completely capable of achieving that.”

Senior Jasmine Reed added, “This is my very first year cheering for varsity, but I used to cheer for our youth league program while in elementary school. As a senior this year, I want to be able to let the girls have someone to lean on. I feel that is very important. When having a strong team, you need a strong support system!”

With determination, goals, and coaches who go above and beyond to make sure the team members believe in themselves and are constantly improving, it’s sure to be a great season for Caverna Cheer.

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