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Court approves unnamed location for new judicial center

Magistrate Tim Coomer was the sole dissenter in approval of “Site E” location for a new judicial in Barren County. No explanation was given nor any discussion between magistrates before or after the approved motion. The move occurred following a near hour-long closed session in fiscal court last week. Photo/screengrab/GEPB

Allyson Dix

Government News/BCP


Barren County Fiscal Court selected and voted to approve a location for a new judicial center last week following a closed session meeting.

Magistrate Jeff Botts made the motion once the court returned to open session to “authorize the use of eminent domain, if necessary, to secure property at the location previously identified as Site E.” Magistrate Trent Riddle seconded the motion.

No other discussions regarding the move were had and the motion passed with a majority 7-1 with Magistrate Tim Coomer casting a dissenting vote without elaborating on his reasoning.

Botts mentioned the term eminent domain in his motion and eminent domain gives a governmental entity the right to force a private owner to give the entity their private property for public use. It is a right afforded by the Fifth Amendment and the government must compensate the private owner for the property.

So, where is Site E? That answer has yet to be revealed.

Many within the community have been speculating where the judicial center will be constructed, which speculation is all they have at this point.

Judge/Executive Micheal Hale previously confirmed four locations to the Barren County Progress.

Those locations include the following properties: corner of S. Green and W. Wayne St. where the Baptist Church Properties are; corner of SE Public Square where the U.S. Bank Building is located; West Public Square, which is a Newberry/Gaunce Property; and West Main St. between the post office and Dollar General Store. The West Main St. property is owned by the City of Glasgow.

However, with the court designating “Site E” as the approved location, it could indicate an unknown 5th location or a mix of some of the four since the city’s property wouldn’t fall under the need for eminent domain

It is unknown when the big reveal will occur.

State legislatures earmarked $ 32 million to construct a new judicial center in Barren County a couple of years ago. A project development board was created and most members were present in last week’s meeting.


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