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Business Update

Special to the Herald-News

There is a lot going on in Edmonton with several businesses in various stages of completion.

The lot in front of the Dollar General Market has had a lot of heavy equipment working lately. The rumor in town is that a drive-thru Walgreen’s Pharmacy will be located there; however, the local Walgreen’s staff have not been notified. As of press time, our attempts to contact Walgreen’s Corporate Office have been unsuccessful.  Photo by PJ Martin

A new business will soon be filling the vacant space next to Edmonton IGA at 1411 West Stockton Street. Coffey’s Deals N Steals Consignment is in the process of moving in. The store carries overstock items, furniture, household items, and clothes. Photo by PJ Martin

The expansion of the Metcalfe County Public Library is in its last phase. The move in began July 5th and the library is scheduled to fully reopen on August 1st.  Photo by PJ Martin

In the lot next door to Bob’s Auto you may notice a new building. The owner is Sean Anderson and the business will offer automotive services. Specifically farm-type truck repairs, some welding and fabrication, gooseneck hitches, lift and leveling kits, and trailer repairs. Photo by PJ Martin

Recently opened on Highway 68 just outside of Edmonton is the Flying Horse truck stop. The location has freshly prepared food, gas, and diesel pumps, and has ample space for large semi-trucks to maneuver and fill up. Photo by PJ Martin

Perhaps the most awaited new business is Pennington Stave and Cooperage. The building is currently being refitted for the stave phase with an estimated completion sometime in late August or early September. Photos by Larry Decker, CA Inspector for MSE

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