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June 29, 2022

 IT IS HEREBY ORDERED that due to excessive dryness and fire hazard conditions, pursuant to Kentucky Statute, I do hereby issue a “NO OUTSIDE BURN ORDER” county-wide, effective immediately, banning all open burning in all areas of Edmonson County.

 This order includes the lighting of fireworks and burning of any materials outdoors.

A lack of rain in the past few weeks has produced very dry conditions which poses a risk of damage from wildfires, caused by open burning and fireworks.

Exceptions for use of fireworks in Edmonson County during this emergency ban, will be permitted for fireworks presentations supervised by pyrotechnical professionals, or may otherwise be permitted by Edmonson County Government.

It is hereby ordered that this ban be effective immediately; and will be lifted by order, after sufficient rainfall to abate hazardous conditions.

Kentucky Revised Statutes provides for penalties for violations of not less than $50 nor more than $500.

 This 29th day of June, 2022


Wil Cannon                     

Edmonson County Judge Executive

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