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Munfordville streets to be resurfaced

Portions of at least 11 Munfordville streets are being taken into consideration for resurfacing, but the Munfordville City Council is tasked with choosing the locations with the direst need in order to keep the bill under $170,000.

Katrina England

Reporter, Hart Co. News-Herald


The Munfordville City Council met in a special called session on Monday, June 13. City Council Members Kenny Sheppard, Annie Swift, Ricky Line, and Bill Belt were in attendance, as well as Mayor John Johnson and City Clerk Neva Brent.  Council Members Shelli Gibbons and Jeremy Atwell were absent, as well as City Attorney Matthew Roberts.

First on the agenda was the second reading of 02-022 amending ordinance 03-021, regarding adopting an employee pay compensation. It passed unanimously.

Next was the second reading of 03-022 amending 12-021 FY222 (annual budget). It passed unanimously.

The final item on the agenda was the second reading of ordinance 04-022 (FY2023 Budget).  Inside that discussion regarding the budget for the fiscal year was disbursement of the $215,000 grant to be used for infrastructure.

Johnson reported that the grant will be divided up accordingly:

-$60,000 going to the cemetery for the mausoleum;

-$50,000 to the sports complex to build a second soccer field, a parking lot, and a road to access it;

-$60,000 toward the wastewater lift station, and

$100,000 in resurfacing city streets, with an additional $32,000 from municipal street funds, plus approximately $38,000 carried over from last year (which will also go toward streets).

The asphalt resurfacing will take place through Scotty’s Contracting & Stone.  Budget price for asphalt resurfacing includes all necessary work to prepare streets for overlay, including key at beginning and end of new pavement, application of tack oil, level and wedge with asphalt surface mix, asphalt surface mix overlay, and traffic control.

“It doesn’t matter who lives on the street, I’m looking at the amount of traffic,” said Mayor Johnson.

“This has to happen,” added Councilmember Ricky Line.  “We need to move.”

The streets being considered are Munford Avenue from West Union to West Center Street for $7,440, Old Main Street from KY-88 to Old Main Street for $40,800, Waltons Avenue from Mill Street to KY-88 for $19,00, North Buckner Avenue from West Union Street to North Buckner Avenue for $25,200, West Center Street from N Buckner Avenue to W Center Street for $9,120, N West Street from West Old Street to W Union Street for $16,800, W Old Street from N West Street to US-31W for $22,800, Hunting Trail from Skyline Drive to Hunting Trail for $15,600, Washington Street from W Union Street to KY-88 for $10,800, Washington Street from KY-88 to W Back Street for $15,600, and Line Street from KY-357 to E Center Street for $8,640.

With $170,000 for use toward streets and a grand total of $192,600 for all the current streets in consideration, the members of the city council are faced with deciding which streets need resurfacing the most, and which will be removed from the list.

Pothole patching will be billed on a per-ton basis, estimated for 25 tons, at $270 per ton, totaling $6,250.

“I would encourage all of us to take this list and drive the streets, and come back in July to say which streets need this the most and which need this less,” said Councilmember Kenny Shepperd.

“The only thing we cannot take off is pothole (repair),” added Councilmember Annie Swift.

The next Munfordville City Council meeting will be held on Monday, July 11 at 6 pm at City Hall.

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