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Mayor encourages communication through town hall gathering

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On Thursday June 16 at 6 p.m., citizens of Glasgow are welcome to join Mayor Harold Armstrong and City Council members in the City Hall council chambers to share what’s on their minds about Glasgow’s needs and accomplishments. This meeting was initially set for the 23rd, but there was a scheduling conflict.

According to Mayor Armstrong, this is an effort to help citizens have more access to the council members and committee members who can take action for positive change.

“I often get phone calls at City Hall from citizens who have a problem with this or that, and then I relay the problem to the council members, but nothing gets done,” Armstrong said.

“This way the council members have a chance to be present and take notes,” he added. “There won’t be any action taken that evening, but if the issue needs to be addressed by certain committee, they can take notes and take it up with the committee. This will help us be more efficient in taking care of the need of the citizens of Glasgow.”

This will not officially be a City Council meeting. However, in order to stay in step with Kentucky Law, since the council members were given the opportunity to attend, it will officially be deemed a City Council Special Called Meeting, and must comply with certain rules.

Armstrong stated that this gathering is to help “get the information out in front of the council members”, but says there will be rules from the Kentucky League of Cities (KLC) that will help bring order.

“Each individual will have an allotted time to communicate concerns. No motions will be made. This is for citizens to communicate things to us, both positive and negative,” the Mayor said.

In addition, Mayor Armstrong said there will be no whistling, shouting, or carrying of signs allowed. Everyone who attends must sign in with the correct name, address, and phone number. Not only will he welcome citizens of Glasgow to speak, but people from other communities as well.

“Each person will have a set amount of time to talk, and if the same issue arises the next individual will have half the time to discuss the matter,” he said.

This is to allow a quick time for everyone to address whatever point they would like to.

Although he doesn’t know all of the issues that might be presented, Mayor Armstrong expects that mosquitoes, on street parking, the downtown park, and the maintenance of local private properties to be amongst concerns.

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