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Noah Robertson receives School Hero Award

Katrina England

Reporter, Hart Co. News-Herald


Out of all the students and all the parents, the friends, and extended relatives of the Hart County graduates, there was one face among the crowd who never meets a stranger, is kind to everyone, and loves unconditionally.

If you’ve ever driven by Legrande Elementary School, it’s guaranteed you’ve seen him outside waving as you go by or prompting you to honk your horn.

According to his family, he loves everybody, is always happy with a smile on his face, and he likes everyone he sees.

To his classmates and peers at Hart County High School, he’s a School Hero, and that’s the exact award that senior Noah Robertson was given during the school award ceremony on May 18.

“Noah is a friend to everyone he meets,” said his teacher, Ashley Walters. “You will always find him smiling and mingling amongst his peers during lunch, class change, or PE. His smile will light up a room, and just seeing him will change your whole day for the good. He helps the custodians clean the lunch tables, sweep the floors, and take out trash after lunch. He loves to help Ms. Craddock run errands, and when she takes him to the library, his school job is morning greeter, where he smiles and greets all the students that get dropped off in the mornings.”

“He greets every single person with a smile, a laugh, or a fist bump,” said HCHS Assistant Principal Tracy Sims. “I have seen it time after time, parents and guardians just wave and smile at him every morning. I have seen students that have never smiled in this building, but they smile when they see (Noah), every time they see him. In my opinion, we should all aspire to be like him. He looks at every single person the same, and no matter who it is, he smiles at them, and you know he’s smiling at you…This young man brings joy to every single person he meets.”

Noah walked the line with his fellow classmates at Hart County’s graduation and received a standing ovation when he accepted his diploma.

The HCHS School Hero Award was awarded to Noah Robertson. He is pictured with HCHS Assistant Principal Tracy Sims. Photo submitted.

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