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Discover Hwy 68 Treasures with 400 Mile Sale

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The 400 Mile Sale is coming back to Highway 68 with a new director and a renewed mission to reinvigorate small communities across the state June 2nd to 5th.

The event’s newest director has deep ties to our region. Tara Hall and her husband, John, served as pastors in Hart, Barren, and Metcalfe counties from 2008 – 2011. “We cherished our time in Southern Kentucky and loved exploring the caves, attending festivals, and spending hours driving and hiking through the beautiful countryside. Most of all we loved the people! When the opportunity to join the 400 Mile Sale came about in March, I saw it as a way to bless a region I had loved to call home while inviting old friends and neighbors to discover some new communities.”

The focus of the 400 Mile Sale has always been to provide an adventure of discovery along scenic Highway 68. This year the Sale adopted the official tag line “Discover Highway 68 Treasures.” Its goals are to point travelers to fabulous finds at rummage sales, barn sales, antique stores, and business sidewalk sales; entice them to eat at the many hidden gems along the route; and make it a trip to remember with the rich hospitality of B&Bs, quality hotels, or campgrounds. “The newly renovated website should serve as a treasure map!” says Hall.

Organizations such as the Edmonton-Metcalfe Chamber of Commerce sponsor a participation fee that benefits businesses, restaurants, hospitality providers, and organizations in their area. “Of course, many unique items will be unearthed at the plethora of roadside yard sales, barn sales, and estate sales,” adds Hall. “These folks are what make it a 400 Mile Sale! We want to make it easy to set up and join in the fun.”

All sellers are encouraged to register at and get their sales pinpointed on the official Map.

So many local events require a two-prong approach. First, organizers work hard to make it a quality event, something folks will enjoy. Then, after all the hard work, blood, sweat, and tears sometimes, organizers publicize and hope and pray attendance will be good. Hall explains how this Sale event is different.

“Here’s the beauty of the 400 Mile Sale, they will come! Thousands, even tens of thousands of explorers have been traveling Highway 68 for the past eighteen years. While looking for treasures, they shop, eat, and stay wherever they find a steady stream of sales. Any communities that can organize sale upon sale upon sale will be successful. By having a sale, you are sure to meet all people who travel annually from other states – as far away as Wisconsin, California, Pennsylvania, and Florida. ”

Not only do individuals benefit from both shopping and selling but local churches, organizations, and businesses have a role to play as well. Utilizing their large parking lots and available buildings, these groups can create community, stimulate the local economy, and raise funds for special projects. For the thousands of shoppers, these mega-sites can be the stuff dreams are made of. They often contain varied items at competitive pricing. The website has a place for these multi-sites to register and find more vendors.

After the sale, social media posts and links on lay out a “Y’all Come Back Now” campaign, issuing an invitation to return to these communities for festivals, tourist attractions, and Discover (more) Highway 68 Treasures.

You can find more information on Facebook and Instagram at “400 Mile Sale” or 400milesale68 and the new website at Director Tara Hall can be reached at with any questions or concerns.

Scenes from the 400-mile sale of years past.  Submitted by Tara Hall


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