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Hale announces retirement from Glasgow Independent Schools

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Jennifer Moonsong

Division Publisher

Barren and Metcalfe


Last week, the Superintendent of Glasgow schools, Keith Hale announced his retirement. He has led the district for the past five years. Overall, the board agrees he has gone above and beyond in his service to the school system.


Although he has been the superintendent for five years, Hale’s stint working in education is far longer. He began his teaching career nearly three decades ago.


“I have been in education for 28 years. I started out at the Barren County middle school the first year it was open,” said Hale. He taught Technology.


12 years ago he left the Barren County school system and became part of the Glasgow school system. In both districts, he served as a high school principal prior to becoming the superintendent of Glasgow schools.


“It was a hard transition,” Hale said. “I was a custom to being with students and teachers all day, it was hard to learn to sit down.”


Hale describes education as his natural calling and says it’s the most rewarding aspect of it, because he was able to stay in the same community for the duration of his career, and is having formed lasting bonds with students and families.


Only a month ago, the board extended Hale’s contract by a year, so his retirement comes as a surprise.


In accordance with education standards each year, Hale must undergo a review that critiques several points including, instructional leadership, cultural leadership, human resources leadership, managerial leadership, collaborative leadership, and so on. The only area where Hale fell short was in human resources leadership.


In the near future, the search for a new superintendent will begin. The Progress will have more news on this developing story in the coming weeks.

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