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2022 Hart County Primary Election Results

Mary Beth Sallee

Reporter, Hart Co. News-Herald


These primary election results are in for Hart County.

1st District Magistrate

The 1st District Magistrate Republican primary race was very close, with only one vote separating the top two vote-getters. The winner was Katherine D. Kenny, who received 100 votes, with Danny Ray Matthews receiving 99 votes. Austin Grant received 33 votes.

Of the 1st District Magistrate Democratic candidates, Phillip Thompson won with 144 votes while his opponent, Jackie Logsdon, received 113 votes.

In the November general election, Kenny and Thompson will face each other for the title of 1st District Magistrate.


4th District Constable

Incumbent Dennis Amos will remain the Constable of the 4th District. Amos received 157 votes against challenger Terry Price who received 57 votes.


10th District Judge (Non-Partisan)

The race for District Judge of the 10th Judicial District spanned both Hart and LaRue Counties. The candidates were William Clauson, Teresa McMahan, and David Perkins.

McMahan received the highest number of votes with a total of 2,141 (512 Hart and 1,629 LaRue). Clauson garnered a total of 1,719 votes (1,253 Hart and 466 LaRue). Coming in third was Perkins with a total of 1,246 votes (444 Hart and 802 LaRue).

As the top two candidates, McMahan and Clauson will face off in the general election this fall.


24th District US State Representative

The race for State Representative of the 24th District spanned the three counties of Hart, LaRue, and Green.

In the Republican nomination, Incumbent Brandon Reed defeated his opponent, Courtney Gilbert, with a total of 3,769 votes (568 Hart; 1,122 LaRue; and 2,079 Green). Gilbert had a total of 1,751 votes (625 Hart; 595 LaRue; and 531 Green).

For the Democratic nomination, Keith Pruitt claimed the victory with a total of 1,667 votes (541 Hart; 902 LaRue; and 224 Green). Opponent John W. Pennington received a total of 714 votes (360 Hart; 266 LaRue; and 88 Green).

Pruitt will challenge Reed in the November general election.


2nd District US Senator

In Hart County, Republican Incumbent Rand Paul secured the top vote with 1,169 votes. Overall, Paul received a total of 3,226 votes within the district.

Of the Democratic candidates, Charles Booker earned the top spot in Hart County with 582 votes. Booker’s overall votes within the district totaled 1,330.

Paul and Booker will face off against one another in November.


2nd District US Representative in Congress

Republican Incumbent Brett Guthrie received a total of 873 votes in Hart County, with a total of 2,899 votes within the district.

Democrat candidate Hank Linderman received 448 votes in Hart County. Within the district, Linderman’s votes totaled 961.

Guthrie will be challenged by Linderman in this fall’s general election.

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