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Special Meeting of the Edmonton City Council

By Dawn Devore

City Clerk


The April Regular Council Meeting was changed to a Special Called meeting of the City Council of Edmonton, Kentucky and was held on the 24th day of March, 2022 at 4:00 PM CST at City Hall in Edmonton, Kentucky.

The Honorable Doug Smith presided and the following duly qualified council members were present and voting:

COUNCIL MEMBERS PRESENT:  Cathy Nunn, Curt Estes, Faye Word, Wayne Wilson, Teresa Hamlett and Austin Bragg

OTHERS PRESENT:  City Clerk/Administrator, Dawn Devore; Public Works Superintendent, Moe Hensley; Police Chief, Delaney Wilson; Park Director, Brian Garrett; ABC Administrator, Fred Ray; Edmonton Fire Chief, Jerry Clemmons; and City Attorney, Brian Pack.

Mayor Doug Smith asked Chief Wilson to lead the Pledge of Allegiance.

Mayor Smith then asked for a moment of silence to honor all veterans.

Mayor Smith declared a quorum present and reminded Council this was a special called meeting and only the items on the agenda may be discussed and the meeting came to order.

The minutes from the March 7, 2022 Special Meeting were approved as presented.  Councilmember Curt Estes made a motion to accept the minutes.  Cathy Nunn seconded the motion.  The motion passed without dissent.

Councilmember Austin Bragg made a motion to have the Second Reading – Ordinance #2021-22-04 setting the mayor compensation at $20,000.00 beginning January 2023.  Teresa Hamlett seconded the motion.  City Clerk Dawn Devore called roll:

Ayes                                         Nays

Wayne Wilson                         Cathy Nunn

Teresa Hamlett

Curt Estes

Faye Word

Austin Bragg

The motion passed 5 Ayes – 1 Nay.  City Clerk Devore read by title.

Superintendent Moe Hensley gave the Water, Sewer & Gas Department report.

Councilmember Cathy Nunn made a motion to adopt Resolution #2021-22-04 – KIA Kentucky Cleaner Water Program – accepting the grant, approving the grant assistance, authorizing the amendment of the city’s annual budget, and authorizing the mayor to sign all related documents.  The grant is for the Chris Harper Road in the amount of $123,289.00.  Faye Word seconded the motion.  The motion passed without dissent.

Police Chief Delaney Wilson gave the Police Department report.

ABC Administrator Fred Ray gave the ABC report.

Parks Director Brian Garrett gave the Park Report.

City Fire Chief Jerry Clemmons gave the Fire Department report.

City Attorney Brian Pack he had been in contact with Verizon’s attorney and because the new water tower was on a different parcel of land than the original water tower and was the reasoning for their request of a new lease.  Mr. Pack stated he raised his concerns with the differences in the lease language and they would be sending an updated lease agreement that was consistent with the current lease.

Councilmember Teresa Hamlett made a motion to adjourn.  Curt Estes seconded the motion.  The motion passed without dissent.

Mayor Smith declared the meeting so adjourned.

Doug Smith, Mayor


Dawn Devore, City Clerk

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