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A hand behind the scenes FOBP seeks volunteers

Jennifer Moonsong

Division Publisher

Barren and Metcafle


When it comes to living in the limelight locally, there is no group of thespians more well-known or beloved than the Far Off Broadway Players. And rightly so; the group has been on stage for four decades.

The Far Off Broadway Players have been presenting plays off and on for 40 years. And throughout those years, hundreds of faithful people just like you volunteered their skills both on and off the stage to bring whatever story they are telling, to life!,” said Paul Glodfelter, in a recent press release.

“As a patron, you might not even be aware of all the things that happen behind the scenes of a theatrical production. Let us begin with the person who wrote the play or musical, the playwright. All over the world, someone is seated at their laptop or with a pen and paper in hand, crafting and drafting a story they hope to have staged someday. And if they are fortunate enough to have that happen, theatre troupes like the Far Off Broadway Players purchase the royalties to produce it for an audience. A great theatrical production begins with written words on paper and is transformed into a three dimensional story that will immerse the audience into a new world. It is when the story has been selected that the planning begins.”

Most people in South Central Kentucky enjoy one or more musical or stage productions presented by the FOBP.

What they see on stage is a polished, well-rehearsed production, but it takes a tremendous amount of work to get there.

“As the story begins, characters walk or dance their way onto the stage and for the next 2 hours or so, you are transported to a different time and location. Afterward you walk back out of the theatre commenting to each other about the story you just experienced, and behind you, on the stage, the cast and crew prepare to do the show all over again. And that is where the magic happens,” the press release said.

Everything from music and lighting to costume design, set design, and countless hours and weeks of rehearsals in advance of each show are all part of the process. Then the production must be marketed.

“Even then, wonderful helpers hand-out programs and help patrons find their seats. Throughout the whole process, faithful Far Off Broadway Players Volunteers make it possible.”

FOBP are seeking volunteer who want to put their heart and soul into it. Interested persons should visit and click the Volunteer page.

“There, you will be able to see detailed descriptions of all the Volunteer positions available to great people like you. Every single show for the past 40 years was made possible by Volunteers both on and off the stage. And the Far Off Broadway Players invites you to take part too!”

Please visit the website and find out how you can help create the next great production! If you have any questions, please feel free to email the Far Off Broadway Players at


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