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Marr Lawsuit continues: Turcotte, Murrell, and Phillips being sued

Bodycam footage of Marr on the day of his death.

Jennifer Moonsong

Division Publisher

Barren and Metcalfe


A lawsuit involving three Glasgow Police Department Officers, and the April 2020 death of Jeremy Marr will move forward.


The officers involved were Guy Turcotte, Cameron Murrell, and Hayden Phillips.


Chief Judge Greg N. Stivers determined some claims would be dismissed. Stivers rules the Glasgow Police Department would be removed from the case, and that the officers cannot be sued as officers, only as individuals.


The premise of the lawsuit alleges that on the day of the arrest incident that eventually lead to Marr’s death, he was a threat to officers.


In a 14-page brief, Stivers wrote:

“The Complaint alleges that while the officers were on the scene.”


Whether or not the officers acted with excessive force, whether or not Marr was a threat to the safety of those officers, and if he resisted arrest are the factors that must be considered in this lawsuit.


Marr’s wife and Estate are the plaintiffs in the lawsuit against the officers. David F. Broderick is representing the two entities. Matthew P. Cook and Thomas N. Kerrick are representing the officers.


A phone conference is scheduled for May 3 at 9:30 a.m.


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