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Wildflower season abloom

Virginia Blue Bells

Jennifer Moonsong

Division Publisher

Barren and Metcalfe


In woodlands and along creek banks across Kentucky, a colorful array of wildflowers are opening up for a brief, but beautiful season of glory.

Kentucky is well known for having some of the most visually stunning and diverse wildflowers around, and being a favorite amongst wildflower enthusiasts.

These blossoms are not only intriguing and fleeting, they have long-held symbolism in Appalachian folklore.

Virginia Blue Bell – One of the only truly blue flowers, and a favorite in central eastern states, the bluebell represents gratitude and humility.


Daisy – There are a multitude of varieties of daisies in Kentucky, both wild and cultivated. The daisy represents purity and innocence.

Trillium – The most common trillium is white, however, there are other varieties including the rare red trillium. These represent the Trinity in Christianity and in a broader sense represent spirituality and the awareness of consciousness.

Wild Dianthus – There are too many varieties of dianthus to mention, and a flurry of colors. This flower has a rich history, and is known as the flower of the Gods. It represents love and admiration.

Trout Lilly – The very unique, yellow spotted trout lily was once called the ‘dog-tooth violet’ is symbolic of strength and individuality.

Morning Glory – Good morning Lori comes in many varieties, and he’s loved by some, and loathed by others because if it’s pervasive nature. It represents the balance between life and death, and strength that comes from within.


Wild Dianthus

Trout Lily




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