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MCFC – Excess fees given to the county

County Clerk Shannon Fields presented excess fees of $151,786.46 to J/E Stilts. Photo by Jennifer Moonsong

Sheriff Lonnie Hodges presented excess fees of $35,316.71 and $3,325 for papers served to J/E Stilts. Photo by Jennifer Moonsong

Jennifer Moonsong

Division Publisher

Metcalfe and Barren


On March 8 the Metcalfe County fiscal court met for a regularly scheduled meeting.

Sheriff Lonnie Hodges and Office Manager Lynn Lunz were present to present the MCSO settlement. Lunz stated that the only small budget amendments made were due to rising fuel prices.

Sheriff Hodges presented the court with excess fees of $35,316.71. An additional check was also presented to the court, in the amount of $3,325 for papers served.

Next up was County Clerk Shannon Fields who also presented excess fees of $151,786.46.

Also on the agenda was the discussion of the vehicle lease program for new vehicles for the jailer, the sheriff’s office, and emergency management. Decisions are still being made about whether or not the vehicles should be released or purchased outright.

Also on the agenda was the authorization to surplus vehicles, however, that could not be done at this time until the lease agreement is decided upon.

“We cannot surplus those vehicles and leave the sheriff’s department without cars until we get the other cars secured,” said Judge/Executive Harold Stilts.

Sheriff Hodges added that obtaining new vehicles was a critical component in hiring additional deputies, because he was not going to hire new persons without being able to best them with worthy vehicles.

In other business, emergency management director Emory Kidd said that all sirens were tested and functional as of Monday afternoon. Furthermore, the safe rooms were working, and clean. Sirens will be tested on the third Monday of each month.

Also in other business, Bill Lagermann was present and asked if any progress had been made on the old road closure on his property.

Judge Stilts replied that the next step was to get two disinterested persons to inspect the situation with the road supervisor.

The budget, claims, and inter-fund transfers were all approved.



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