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MC Fiscal Court

Jennifer Moonsong

Division Publisher

Metcalfe and Barren


The agenda for the regularly scheduled February 8 meeting at the Metcalfe County fiscal court was brief and uncomplicated.

In addition to approving the minutes for the January 25 regular meeting, the financial statement, budget, claims, and inter-fund transfers, only “other business” was on the agenda.

In other business, emergency management Director Emery Kidd gave a brief update on the warning sirens.

He said that they were all in working order, but that some additional maintenance was being done.

Magistrate Kenny Scott ask about the range of the sirens, and Kidd stated that on a clear day, half-mile was the range that they could be heard, but during storms or high winds, a quarter-mile was all that could be expected.

Magistrate Ronnie Miller breached the subject of an increase in pay for the jailer’s deputy in the next budget cycle. It was agreed upon that it would be discussed.


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