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MCFC – Stage, voting machines approved

Jennifer Moonsong

Division Publisher

Metcalfe and Barren


At the January 25 regularly scheduled meeting at the Metcalfe County Fiscal court, Daniel Bragg of the stage committee was present to request a building permit.


The plans of the committee are to erect a 25’ x 25’ stage with a concrete foundation and brick exterior to provide an outdoor entertainment venue for the community. Bragg stated that he was not asking for money, but for permission. Funds to build a stage will be raised, but will be the property of the county.


In other news, a bid was awarded to Harp Enterprises for the new voting machines to a total of $164,838.90. Judge/Executive Stilts said that county attorney Barry Gilley had reviewed the order and that it met all criteria.


ARPA funds will be used to pay for the new machines.


The approval of the maximum amount set for deputies and the clerk in the county clerk’s office was made. The annual amount of $190,000 was slightly more than last year, and Clerk Shannon Fields stated that this was to account for inflation.


In other news, Judge Stilts recognized Emory Kidd of Emergency Management who announced that warning siren and safe room issues were being worked on and that there was an issue at Cork-Gascon in the building which houses the radio repeaters, due to a leaky roof.


The budget, claims, and inter-fund transfers were approved.

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