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Board officers remain unchanged

By PJ Martin

Jobe Publishing, Inc.


The Barren-Metcalfe Emergency Medical Services Board of Directors met in regular session on Wednesday, January 26th in the Barren County fiscal courtroom.

The election of officers was the first order of business. After a few nominations, discussions, and votes, all previous officers remained in their positions. A vote was also held to approve the merging of the positions of secretary and treasurer.

Chairperson – Mr. Fay Neal

Vice-Chairperson – Mr. Neil Thornbury

Secretary/Treasurer – Mr. Ervin Sorrell

Director – Mr. Jackie Brown

Director – Judge/Executive Micheal Hale

Director – Judge/ Executive Harold Stilts

Chairperson Neal is in charge of appointing the members of the Finance and Personnel Committees and he chose to keep the same members.

The Finance Committee consists of Mr. Ervin Sorrell, Chairperson, Mr. Jackie Brown, J/E Harold Stilts, Dr. Joe Middleton, and Attorney Brian Pack.

The Personnel Committee consists of Mr. Jackie Brown, Chairperson, J/E Micheal Hale, Mr. Fay Neal, Dr. Joe Middleton, and Attorney Brian Pack.

The positions not requiring vote are Corporate Council is Attorney Brian Pack, Executive Director Dr. Joe Middleton, DNP, Executive Treasurer Steve Powell, and Executive Secretary Connie Taylor


Old Business

The motion to amend the Bylaws of the Ambulance Service Corporation, Inc. to stagger the board of Directors positions as listed was approved unanimously in its second reading. The amendment to the bylaws will stagger the members’ terms as follows:

  • One (1) Barren County and one (1) Metcalfe County seat, historically occupied by the Judge/Executive, shall be a term of 1-year beginning 2022. Term to expire 2023 with subsequent appointments to a 4-year term.
  • One (1) Barren County seat and one (1) TJ Samson Community Hospital seat shall be a term of two (2) years beginning 2022. Term to expire 2024 with subsequent appointments to a 4-year term.
  • One (1) Barren County seat and one (1) TJ Samson Community Hospital seat shall be a term of three (3) years beginning 2022. Term to expire 2025 with subsequent appointments to a 4-year term.
  • No seats change in 2026.

The motion was approved to accept the ARPA funds from Barren and Metcalfe County. Upon the receipt of the funds, the Executive Director will prepare a package plan to disburse the funds after approval of the board.



Treasurer Steve Powell stated, “Through 6 months of our budget year billings are 3.6% higher than last year. Collections are 22% higher than last year…spending is at 51% of the budget,” noting that is on target.


Operations Report

 “Run logs are up 7.3% from 2020,” reported Assistant Director Garland Gillian. 2021 had a total of 10,619 runs which was up from 2020s total of 9,897.

The average chute time [from time dispatched to the truck rolling out the door] is 1 minute 26 seconds and the average response time [time to get to the scene] is 9 minutes 59 seconds, although still under the target of 10 minutes it is longer due to some icy roads in January. The average time on the scene was 14 minutes and 38 seconds.


Executive Directors Report

“I’m happy to report to the board that with the assistance of Mr. Pack and his staff, we are the proud owners of 5 acres of property on Highway 68-80 here in Glasgow,” noted Middleton. The amount of $320,000 has been financed by Edmonton State Bank for a 30-month term at 1.25% interest. The amount of $80,000 was paid down on the property.

At this time, no budget amendment is being done. Instead, the plan is to use current capital to make the $ 10,000 per month payments for the remainder of the fiscal year (6 months). The new budget beginning July 1, 2022, will include the expensing out to the partners.

There are 3 ambulances with over 150,000 miles that need replacing. Requests from vendors have been sent out for bids on 3 replacement vehicles. Those would not be received until after July 1st because of backorders. The service is currently indebted on two ambulances, “my goal if at all possible, is to pay off our indebtedness on the trucks that we currently have in possession so that when we receive the new trucks, we can put those on a 12-month term,” explained Middleton.


New Business

It was previously discussed that the corporation should invest a little over $800,000 into bank CDs to receive interest. Decided at the previous meeting was to invest $250,000 in a CD at the Peoples Bank at a rate of 1.27%. It was discussed, voted on, and approved to invest no more than $250,000 in a CD at the Edmonton State Bank at a rate of .5% and Limestone Bank at a rate of .48%, both for 36 months with no penalty for early withdrawal.

After a short 10 minute closed session to discuss personnel, no action was taken.

The next meeting is scheduled for February 23, 2022, at 4 p.m. at the Barren County fiscal courtroom.


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