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Metcalfe County Election 2022 Update

Jennifer Moonsong

Publisher/Jobe Publishing, Inc.

Central Division


The extended filing deadline for the 2022 election has officially passed, and the following candidates have filed to run for various local offices.

County attorney Barry Gilley is retiring at the end of his term after many dedicated years to Metcalfe County. Sharon Howard (R) and Holly Coleman are vying for the position.

Incumbent Judge/Executive Harold Stilts did not file to run. Benny Lile (R) and Larry Wilson (D) have filed for the position.

County Clerk Shannon Fields (D) had an uncontested race until the last week of filing, when Erica Hensley (D) filed to run for the office of county clerk.

Democrats Mark Froedge, Greg Wilson, and LeAnn Jones are running for coroner.

Incumbent Randal Shive (R) is the only candidate for jailer.

Incumbent Sheriff Lonnie Hodges (R), who won in the unprecedented write-in election following the death of his friend Sheriff Ricky Brooks has filed again. In addition, five others are running for the office of Sheriff.

Tony Shockley (R) was the first to file.

Former Glasgow Police Department employee and Glasgow resident, Mike Burton has filed as a Republican despite not meeting the legal requirements to file in Metcalfe County.

Dalton Bragg (D), Josh Neal (R), and Eric Bryant (D) have also filed.

Constable candidates for District 1 are Josh Cole and Mark Oliver, both Republican.

District 2 has Jeffrey Garmon (D) and Adam Bennett (R). District 3 has only one candidate, Republican Dwight Smith and District 4 also has just one candidate, Democrat Stanley Burris.

The magistrate’s race is crowded this election cycle.

In District 1 Harvey Hawkins (D) and Brock Stilts (R) are in competing for the position. The validity of Hawkins’ candidacy has come into question, as the district of his filing is not the district of his residence.

District 2 has incumbent Kevin Crane and Dagan Rock, both Republicans.

District 3 has three candidates in competition; Donnie Smith, John Tyler Dubre, and Daniel Bragg. All three are Republican.

District 4 has four candidates. In addition to incumbent Ronnie Miller (R), Republican Keith Corum and two Democrats, Timothy Hubbard and Doug Harris are vying for Magistrate.



  1. Tony Shockley on February 2, 2022 at 9:12 pm

    Jennifer. I have a question. Why was the connection between Mr Hodges and Mr Brooks relevant to the election? The fact that Mr Burton was previously a Glasgow officer was brought to lite, myself being a Metcalfe county Constable at present time was not! I feel that some facts that could effect the election was present here, and some left out. T. Shockley Metcalfe

    • Editor on March 19, 2022 at 12:42 pm

      This is PJ Martin from the Herald-News office. I referred your questions to Jennifer and she requested that you call her directly at 270-670-9233 so that she might answer your questions directly. Thank you.

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