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Scam alert from the BCSO

Jennifer Moonsong

Publisher/Jobe Publishing, Inc.

Central Division


Citizens beware! The Barren County Sheriff’s Office has received complaints about a money scam.


Our office has received two complaints from local citizens that someone has attempted to extort money from them using our name,” said sheriff Kent Keen.


“Our office has been made aware of a scammer posing as an employee of the Barren County Sheriff’s Office,” said a recent press release.


The caller says that he is a detective or a deputy and uses the name of a current employee. He states that he is calling referring to a warrant of arrest, citation, or other fine for missed jury duty. He will claim that you are to pay a fine between $1,500 and $2000 as a government voucher for missing jury duty. The press release further states that the collar will ask you to go to a local store like Walmart or Food Lion to purchase a gift card, and request that you stay on the line while purchasing the gift card.


Sheriff Keen advises anyone receiving such a call to hang up. “Our office will not call you regarding a missed court date, any money owed, or for any outstanding warrant,” said Keen.


The phone number the caller is calling from is 270-238-2320, but could call from any number.

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