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Highway 68 Revival

The new Dollar Tree/Family Dollar #12786 located on Greensburg Street (across from Bobs Auto, Inc.) is in its final stages of preparation, however, a definite grand opening date was not available at press time. Photo by Jennifer Moonsong

By PJ Martin


The Herald-News


As noted by a statement by from Secretary of State Michael Adams, “Kentuckians are an industrious and resilient people.”

That statement is very true of Edmonton with several new businesses in various stages of completion. After the last couple of years, it’s refreshing and exciting to see growth in our county.

The mini truck stop being built on Highway 68 just outside of Edmonton is well on its way to being completed. The owner, referred to as Mr. Rick owns multiple locations. Reportedly it will serve freshly prepared food, have facilities for passenger vehicles to fill up with gasoline, and have ample space for large semi-trucks to maneuver and fill up as well. No specific date of the grand opening was available, but it is known that the weather has hindered the completion.

The area next to Bobs Auto, Inc. parking lot will soon be occupied by a garage. The older home that once occupied the lot has been removed. The owner Sean Anderson stated that the construction is due to begin on January 31st. The business will focus on automotive services, specifically farm-type truck repairs, some welding and fabrication, goose neck hitches, lift and leveling kits, and trailer repairs. The hope is to fill the service gap while also supporting the current automotive service providers.


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