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Lifelong friends retire from County Clerk’s Office

Lisa Hensley Sanders, left, and Vickie Spradlin have retired from the County Clerk’s Office after having served the community for over two decades. Photo submitted

Mary Beth Sallee

Reporter, Hart County News-Herald


Lisa Hensley Sanders and Vickie Spradlin have known one another for years, having grown up together in the community of Three Springs. For nearly three decades, both women have also worked alongside one another in the County Clerk’s Office.

Now, these lifelong friends will embark upon a new chapter in their lives as they both retire, effective at the end of December.

Lisa began her career at the County Clerk’s Office in August of 1994 as a Deputy Clerk. In 2003, she was appointed as County Clerk. In total, she has dedicated 27 years and 4 months of service to the county and its residents.

Vickie joined the County Clerk’s office in March of 1995. She has provided 26 years and 10 months of dedication to those she has helped serve. She has recorded documents, including deeds and mortgages, and has handled delinquent taxes, as well as bookkeeping and payroll.

Both Lisa and Vickie have enjoyed helping others through the years.

“I guess the biggest thing (I’ve enjoyed the most) has been helping everyone, meeting new people, getting to see friends that you went to school with, and just reconnecting with some of them,” Lisa said. “I’ve just enjoyed helping people more than anything.”

“The surveyors, the attorneys, the people running titles. You get to know all of those people because you see them all the time,” Vickie added. “They’ve been very nice.”

Lisa and Vickie have many people to thank for their support through the years, including coworkers, members of Fiscal Court, and the community.

“The magistrates have always been nice to work with. They’ve always been nice,” Vickie said. “We have to do a budget. They have to approve it, and they’ve always been accommodating to us.”

“I’d like to thank everybody, my coworkers, my deputies, and my Fiscal Court,” Lisa said. “…Felicia (Shelton) has been there 21 years with me. And, I don’t know, they (my coworkers) are just family. You’re with them so much it’s just like being with family. I’ve made lifetime friendships through the years.”

“I’d like to thank the judges that I’ve had and all the Fiscal Court that I’ve had to work with,” Lisa added. “They’ve always been good to me, and I’ve always appreciated working with them. I’ve never had to ask for much, but when I have, they’ve always been there and supported me, especially through the elections. If we needed new equipment, they’ve always been good to help me with that.”

Lisa is also thankful to her family, to God, and to everyone who has shown her support.

“I appreciate my family, and most of all that God’s always helped me through the rough times,” Lisa said. “He’s always been there for me, and my family has always supported me…If we didn’t have the good Lord and our family, we couldn’t never make it.”

“I appreciate all of their (the community’s) support over the years and for them allowing me to be their County Clerk,” Lisa continued. “I just appreciate the friendships that I’ve made through the years. It’s hard saying goodbye when you’ve been with people for so long. You see them at least once a year to get their tags renewed and sometimes more than that.”

The lifelong friends and decades-long coworkers are also thankful for one another.

“Lisa and I grew up in the community of Three Springs. We have great memories of that place and a bond that feels like family,” Vickie said. “We’ve worked together for 26 years and 9 months. We’ve had lots of fun times, sad times, and really crazy times. We should have kept a journal. Lisa is a very kind boss. She has shown such love to my granddaughter and has always been so understanding and supportive. (We’ve cried and prayed together) when she’s had surgeries…We’ve been together so long it’d be hard to work with anybody else.”

“Thank you, Lisa, for everything you’ve done over the years and for trusting and showing faith in me,” Vickie added. “I hope you can look back with satisfaction, look ahead with anticipation, and fill each day with enjoyment. I wish you fun, stress-free, and enjoyable days in retirement.”

“Throughout the years we have had many good times, made lots of memories, and seen many changes,” Lisa said of her time with Vickie. “…I would like to wish her a very happy retirement. I am so grateful for our friendship over the years. I wish her so much happiness in this next exciting chapter of her life!”

On behalf of Jobe Publishing, Inc., the Hart County News-Herald would like to thank Lisa and Vickie for their dedication and service to our county. We wish them both a happy and healthy retirement.

Lisa Hensley Sanders began her service as Deputy Clerk in 1994. She was appointed as County Clerk in 2003. Photo submitted.

The County Clerk crew during Halloween festivities. Photo submitted.

The County Clerk’s Office crew. Photo submitted.

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