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‘Tis the season

PJ Martin


The Herald-News


As 2021 comes to a close, I must admit it has been a slight bit better than 2020, but still a hard year.

The December tornados and the long-range destruction they caused have definitely put sadness in many hearts. I feel such sorrow for the many families who lost loved ones and the destruction of so many homes.

Perhaps the only light that has shined from this tragedy is the great outpouring of love and kindness seen everywhere in Kentucky. It makes me very proud to live in a state that jumps into action when help is needed.

I have seen equipment operators offering their equipment and time to clean up debris, people driving hours to cook food for survivors, donations of money, clothes, shoes, food, water, and whatever is needed being delivered to the areas affected.

The year has seen riots, protests, hateful speech, political arguments, and just plain evil across the country and now suddenly people are showing compassion for those who suffered tragedy.

Many of the hateful posts and arguments we have been seeing on Facebook have changed to offerings of help.

Not just in Kentucky, but across the U. S. people are reporting not only the damage caused, but the good deeds taking place. Perhaps, there is hope for us humans after all. Are we like the Grinch and our hearts have grown?

The meaning of Christmas has not been forgotten by the many that have shown how much they really care for others. ‘Tis the season of kindness.


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