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Metcalfe County: Candidate filing update

Jennifer Moonsong

Central Division

Barren & Metcalfe


With less than a month to go, several candidates have filed for offices in Metcalfe County.

Shannon Fields (D) is completing the term of former clerk Carol Chaney. Chaney retired last year. Fields was appointed and has filed for the office of Metcalfe County Clerk.

Larry N. Wilson (D) filed for the office of Metcalfe County Judge/Executive. He is the incumbent coroner.

Dr. Benny Lile (R) filed for the Metcalfe County Judge /Executive’s office also. He filed as a Republican. Lile is the former superintendent of Metcalfe County Schools.

Sharon B. Howard (R) for Metcalfe County Attorney. Howard is the incumbent Edmonton city attorney. She lost to incumbent Barry Gilley in the 2018 primary election.

Dentist Mark W. Froedge (D) filed for the coroner’s office, as did Lee Ann C. Jones (D) and Greg Wilson (D) candiate. Wilson is the former Metcalfe County Judge/Executive. He was defeated by incumbent Harold Stilts in the 2018 General Election.

Tony E. Shockley (R), constable, switched parties and filed for the office of Metcalfe County Sheriff. Dalton Bragg (D) has also filed as a candidate for sheriff.

Lonnie Hodges (R) is the incumbent sheriff.

Keith Corum (R) filed for Metcalfe County’s fourth magisterial district, along with Timothy Hubbard (D). Ronnie Miller is the incumbent for the district.

In the first magisterial District Harvey Hawkins (D) and Brock Stilts (R) have filed.

At present time, no one had filed in the second or third magisterial districts.


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