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Industrial Board Appointments

City Attorney Brian Pack explained the KRS details to the council. Also pictured is City Clerk Dawn Devore. Photo by PJ Martin

By PJ Martin


The Herald-News


The Edmonton City Council met Monday, December 6th with all members present except Cathy Nunn who was feeling ill.

The board voted unanimously to appoint Terry Garrett to the Chairman position on the Metcalfe County Industrial Board. The position was left vacant by Matt South who turned in his resignation. Also reappointed were Donna Caffee and Mark Linkous.

City Attorney Brian Pack explained to the council that the Mayor must appoint a Fire Chief in order for the fire department to receive funding. This is different than in past years. Based on KRS laws the Mayor must appoint city employees under a Mayor – City council plan of government.

KRS 83A.130 Mayor-council plan — Powers and duties of mayor and council. Section 9: The mayor shall be the appointing authority with power to appoint and remove all city employees, including police officers, except as tenure and terms of employment are protected by statute, ordinance, or contract, and except for employees of the council.

“It is illegal to have any employee of the city not appointed by the mayor. Ok. So you all do with that what you would, but I’m telling you there is no exception to that rule,” noted Pack who added it was a good time to address this at the first of the year.

Pack presented a proposed ordinance to raise the arrest fee from $10 to $30 for the City Police as requested. The first reading of Ordinance 2021-22-05 passed by unanimous vote.

Attorney Pack is assisting City Clerk Dawn Devore in creating the new city employee handbook as well.

Mayor Doug Smith stated that three Requests for Qualification were received for the Edmonton Memorial Park project and recommended the one from Precision Engineering of Tompkinsville. The council agreed and approved that they enter into a contract with Precision Engineering.


Department Reports

Park Director Brian Garrett reported that the parks have been winterized and the sprinkler systems shut down. He also stated that the Christmas lights/decorations were installed and are ready for public viewing.

Edmonton Fire Chief Jerry Clemmons reported 18 runs for November with 7 medical, 2 wrecks, 3 fires, 5 lift assists, and 1 public service run.

Police Chief Delaney Wilson reported that during the month of November the department made 26 traffic stops, answered 64 complaints, made 13 arrests, wrote 22 citations, had 6 animal complaints, served 7 warrants, answered 3 domestic calls, worked 11 non-injury accidents, worked 3 injury accidents, open 4 new investigations, checked 3 incomplete 911 calls, responded to 3 fights, served 1 EPO, worked 2 drug calls, and had 5 medical assists for a total of 173 calls.

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