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MC Fiscal Court

Special to the Edmonton Herald-News


First on the agenda was the approval of the Ambulance Fund 30-month CD renewal. After a brief discussion, all voted in favor of the motion.


Next on the agenda was the approval of the new expenditure codes for the ARPA Funds. Treasurer Page Edwards noted that the codes would help the tracking of the fund expenditures to make sure the funds are being spent according to the instructions given by the US Treasury. All voted in favor of this.


Judge/Executive Harold Stilts then presented to the court for acknowledgment of the Nurse Practitioner Week Proclamation for the week of November 7-13.


The next item on the agenda was the approval of the executive order for the Emergency Operations Plan. Judge Stilts reported that Director Emory Kidd had made the changes requested at the last court meeting and gave the floor to Director Kidd who stated that he had spoken to KYEM in Frankfort who noted that the Mutual Aid Agreements that were signed by the previous administration are still valid and in force and that they would be renewing those with the current administration names at a later date. It was unanimously agreed upon.


The October financial report, claims, and inter-fund transfers were also presented and approved.


In other business, Magistrate Crain asked if there was any blacktopping being done at this time. Judge Stilts stated that no more blacktopping would be completed until after January 1 next year, due to the cold weather. Director Kidd noted that there was roadwork being done on Highway 218 at this time.


Director Kidd reminded the court that there will be a steering committee meeting this afternoon at 2:00 p.m. in the meeting room upstairs, and also a meeting this evening at 6:oo p.m. for the public. He also reported that he has been in contact with KYEM regarding the FEMA payments and they are requesting more specific information regarding the projects from several disasters going back as far as 2016, and he has been gathering the required paperwork to send them. He noted that he has sent quite a lot of required documentation already, but that more is required, and payments should be forthcoming as soon as they receive validation of completed projects. 


Magistrate Kenny Scott inquired regarding the bids Judge Stilts placed for the SCRTC trucks up for sale. Judge Stilts reported that his bids were low and the trucks were sold at a much higher price.

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