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Political season policy

By Jeff Jobe


Jobe Publishing, Inc


The newspaper industry does not have mandates or laws dictating the amount of news we give one candidate versus the other.

However, our family-owned business sets ethics standards for our team, and they have served us well as we move through our second decade of publishing community news.

Readers of our longest-owned papers have come to understand the process, and there are few surprises when a news item hits the front pages.

Many local newspapers don’t touch difficult stories, and this may be true for one of the three newspapers we have recently been welcomed to our company.  Therefore, I’ll detail our policy in an effort to help lessen any misunderstanding.

  1. All candidates will be offered one free announcement which must be submitted within seven days of the official filing. This announcement will offer space of up to 200 words and a headshot of the candidate.
  2. This newspaper will publish at least one time any personal conflicts, or even the presence of a conflict for our staff with any candidate.
  3. All editors and reporters will conduct news coverage in our traditional manner. Just because someone is running, we will not shy away from covering legitimate news – good or bad.  If you don’t want to read about it, don’t let it happen.
  4. This newspaper may or may not make endorsements and any would be dependent upon the local team and discussions with me as the publisher.  We are not timid but don’t want to hurt anyone who may just be misunderstood or not given the opportunity to explain.  If elections were held today, there certainly would be endorsements, but with months of work ahead we will do as we advise our readers: pay very close attention.
  5. There will be no blindsiding in our newspaper.  This is in advertising and news alike. No new negative issue will be introduced without an opponent having time to respond.
  6. We are not at all bashful about selling advertising because we believe in it. Advertising rates are the same for anyone who wishes to run an ad.  The more ads you schedule, the lower the rate per ad, just as it is for any customer.  This is true for the size, design, and placement as well.  Our company also offers various printed material, and we will publish a detailed list of those services as we move into the political season.  Our sales team understands there will be no price gouging, and we will serve all to the best of our ability.

The policy above has been tested and proven to work for our company.  I make these policies known because my family and I have endured the biases of the media and their lack of ethical standards personally.

I understand the demands and pressures placed on candidates because I had more dark money spent against me running for a legislative race than any prior and since that time for the district in which I live.

I’ll close with a little advice to all candidates.

As a Christian-based community, I believe it should be common sense to accept responsibility for our mistakes and do all we can to assure it doesn’t happen again.  After all, not a single one of us are perfect.  Yet, because “Power Corrupts and Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely,” the most wealthy or longest serving politicians or government protected employees don’t think they should be treated as all others.

Jobe Publishing, Inc. has over the years stood against those who spew arrogance, attempt to intimidate, discredit, bribe, and bully our company in doing our job.

We want to assist every candidate to convey their message but will not ignore the truth for anyone.

I’m honored to serve as publisher for this community and look forward to many years of helping us come together for the good of us all.


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