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‘Life Behind the Counter’

Son honors Chuck Evans in print

Jennifer Moonsong

Division Publisher

Metcalfe and Barren


There aren’t many people in South Central Kentucky who don’t remember Chuck Evans. Evans operated a successful chain of liquor stores in Bowling Green, Kentucky when Bowling Green was the only county in the region offering beer, wine, and spirits. Eventually, Evans owned seven liquor stores in Warren County.

Eleven years after Chuck’s death, his son Charlie has commemorated his father’s life in print in his first book “Life Behind the Counter.”

“I am pleased to offer you Life Behind the Counter – the Story of Chuck Evans and his Liquor Stores’ for your enjoyment,” says Evans.

“My Dad owned a number of retail liquor stores in Bowling Green, Kentucky over 40 years. This book will give you Chuck’s biography and include a number of stories from his 40 years in the business. For those who lived in South Central Kentucky, many of the names and places mentioned in this book will be familiar.”

In the introduction, Charlie states that although thousands of people knew his father very few knew his full story. This new book details the story from the perspective of a loving son remembering his Father’s successes, struggles, and legacy.

“The material comes from my personal experiences and memories. Like most memories, mine also have faded over time I try to be as accurate in the facts, details, and descriptions as my memory allows,” said Evans.

Perhaps the most moving part of the story is the beginning. In chapter 1, “Humble Beginnings” Evans talks about a father who grew up in the rural hills of Smiths Grove in a family of six, in a small house on a hillside farm in the 1950s.

“Chuck didn’t talk much about growing up on a farm or of his early days of childhood. They were not the easiest of times… I only know the location of the old home place, because Chuck pointed it out to me as we were riding through the fields of his farm while checking fences one day. Chuck was never one to say much, but he did give me a few insights into his childhood.”

The book can be purchased online at, and Charlie Evans can be contacted via


About the Author

Charlie Evans and his wife Lisa and children reside in Bowling Green, Kentucky where his father built his small business empire.

Charlie serves at the First Presbyterian Church of Madisonville as their Transitional Pastor.

Charlie is an Ordained Minister in the Presbyterian Church and a licensed attorney in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. He is a graduate of Western Kentucky University Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary and the University of Louisville Brandeis School of Law.

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