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Accepting $70K tabled

Allyson Dix

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On Monday night, the Glasgow City Council discussed an ordinance that would allow funds from Barren County and Cave City to assist in the payments for pay raises for the 911 Communications Department.

The first reading of the ordinance was met with many questions from council members. The ordinance was to amend the City’s annual budget for FY 2021-22 by appropriating $105,872 from the unappropriated general fund balance specifically for the wage increases.

It also included the acceptance of $20,000 and $50,000 from the City of Cave City and the Barren County Fiscal Court, respectively.

Councilman Terry Bunnell made a motion right after the reading to indefinitely postpone the ordinance, which was out of procedural order City Attorney Danny Basil later explained. The original ordinance needed motions to open discussion, at which Bunnell could then make his motion to postpone it.

Glasgow Mayor Harold Armstrong pointed out the vote was not to give pay raises as that had already been done, but to accept the monies from the other two entities to help pay for those raises.

Councilman Joe Trigg brought up the question of if this issue should go before the finance committee for the “right way” to receive the money and then bring it back to the council with a recommendation from the committee.

Mayor Armstrong said this has been in the works for two years and these raises, which would come to $2/hour plus other expenses such as pensions, would try to get the employees back to where they were 7.5 years ago. However, 911 call center employees were spending a lot of time for the county and Cave City without paying anything.

An interlocal agreement would be signed by all three entities, expected to be complete by the end of the month.

Councilwoman Chasity Lowery asked for clarification on whether this agreement is to include these amounts every year, later indicating the council doesn’t have a finished signed document to review yet before voting on the ordinance.

Bunnell said, “The purpose of doing the motion to postpone indefinitely [will] kill the main motion without a direct vote on the main motion, and can be renewed at a different meeting.” Bunnell agreed with Councilmembers Trigg and Patrick Gaunce regarding the finance committee for recommendations to be brought back to the council.

Bunnell also said the finance committee can review it and for any measure with payroll increases be administered fairly across all employees of the City of Glasgow.

“That’s fair if you want to do that, but this department is unlike the rest of the departments,” Mayor Armstrong replied, “You don’t have any other department that services the county and Cave City, and that’s the reason this one is different. Armstrong said the two entities have already agreed in their court meetings that they should be helping.

Bunnell explained he didn’t think the staff of the 911 call center are not due an increase, “however, the way that this has come about, I think it needs to go through proper channels.”

“They’ve already got the raises,” Mayor Armstrong said, “If we don’t [accept the money], then we’ll need to adjust the budget to pay for instead of taking the money from them.”

Finance Committee and Councilman Wendell Honeycutt, when asked by Trigg, explained he didn’t know what else could be said about it other than ‘yes, we need the money’ for the 911 call center and that “we appreciate them helping with the expense because it is a shared expense.”

Honeycutt added, “It’s money that we need to spend on them.”

Trigg asked Bunnell to modify his amendment to the motion to say, “This is going to go before the finance-“

“No, my motion is that we postpone indefinitely,” Bunnell interrupted Trigg. To postpone indefinitely, Bunnell said, did not put any time limits or restrictions on the ordinance.

The motion to postpone the ordinance indefinitely passed 5-3 with Bunnell, Gaunce, Lowery, Freddie Norris, and Trigg voting in favor. Those opposed: Honeycutt, Marna Kirkpatrick, and James Neal. Marlin Witcher was absent due to sickness.


Closed Session

No actions were taken following a planned closed session regarding two items: possible sale of property and possible litigation.

Pursuant to KRS 61.810(1)(B) is cited for the closed session for deliberations of future acquisitions or sale of real property by a public agency, but only when publicity would be likely to affect the value of a specific piece of property to be acquired for public use or sold by a public agency. KRS 61.810 (1)(c) allows for closed session discussions of proposed or pending litigation against or on behalf of the public agency.


Other Business

Councilmembers approved a resolution to apply for a grant from the Transportation Alternatives Program for the Glasgow Alternative Transportation Endeavor (G.A.T.E.). If received, it will be used for sidewalks through Trojan Way, Park View Dr., and HWY 31-E. The grant has an 80/20 match with the local amount being $183,175. The total project amount is $915,875. The resolution passed 8-1, with Gaunce opposing.

Another resolution was passed unanimously that will allow an application for a $3,000 grant administered through the Kentucky League of Cities Insurance Services Compensation Safety Grant. If approved, Glasgow will use this for the purpose of Personnel Policy Updates for the Administration Department of the City of Glasgow.



Halloween weekend will be full of opportunities for all the ghosts and goblins ready to hit the streets. On Saturday, October 30, a Halloween drive through Trick-or-Treat will take place at Gorin Park from 2:00 PM-5:00 PM. This event is presented by the City of Glasgow, Glasgow Parks & Recreation, Glasgow Police, Glasgow Fire, and Glasgow Public Works Departments.

On Sunday, October 31, old-fashioned Trick-or-Treating will be allowed for the City of Glasgow from 4:30 PM until 7:00 PM. Recommendations for those participating: avoid direct contact with trick-or-treaters, give out treats outdoors if possible, set up a station with individually bagged treats kids to take, wash hands before handling treats, and wear a mask.

Glasgow City Council is scheduled to meet for their next regular meeting on Monday, October 25 at 7:00 PM at City Hall Council Chambers.

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