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Lile announces candidacy in 2022 election

Jennifer Moonsong

Division Publisher

Metcalfe and Barren


In a press release last Wednesday morning, former superintendent of the Metcalfe County school system, Benny Lile announced his Republican candidacy for Judge/Executive.


In the press release, Lile said his reason for running is to give back to the community. Lile, a Metcalfe County native and resident of Center, said he sees the entire county as his community.


“A good friend recently shared advice from his father, which was ‘get your education, have a career, then give back to your community,” said Lile. “I am at a point in my life where my experience and relationships across the state can benefit the county.”


Lile had a 35-year career in education. For 16 of those years he worked with the Metcalfe County school system, and the last seven of those years, he led the district.


The press release described Metcalfe County as a desirable place to live with a rich heritage, and Lile says his experience and knowledge of the county have poised him for the role of Judge/Executive.


In an interview with the Edmonton Herald-News, Lile said the focus of his tenure if he is elected will be “vitality”.


Lile says that vitality, strength, and action in areas that reach beyond economic vitality are necessary.


“Agriculture, infrastructure, education… To isolate any one of them is shortsighted I think.”


Lile further stated that he hopes to build on the foundation already laid, and build better. He says this will include wrangling big issues, such as taking care of the jobs and industry that are here, welcoming new, dealing with a housing issue, and banking on our assets.


“Bowling Park for example that is a fine place ran with professionalism. It is something even neighboring counties don’t have,” he said.


Lyle says he knows there is a challenge ahead, but nothing worth doing is challenging. In addition to the county’s obvious obstacles and challenges, Lile stresses that the county needs to plan for the unknown.


“I have been reminded lately, four or five years ago Emory Kidd put together hazard mitigation meetings where we brainstormed about how Metcalfe County would respond in various scenarios. What would we do in scenarios where there was flooding or a tornado? He asked what we would do in the event of a pandemic. I spoke up and said ‘I don’t know what we would do’, and that was prophetic based on what the nation has struggled through these past months. So, planning for the unknown is important,” Lile said.


“Metcalfe County has a great history, I want to be part of making a great future,” said Lile. He is planning to host a meet and greet at a date yet to be set.


The primary election is May 17, 2022, and the general election will be held on November 8, 2022.


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