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I Remember

PJ Martin


The Herald-News


I think it’s pretty safe to say that everyone remembers exactly where they were on 9/11/2001. Most can describe exactly what happened when they heard the tragic news of the attack.

I know I certainly remember.

My husband and I, along with his brother and his wife, and our friends were at Panama City Beach on vacation.

We all decided to go fishing early that day on a group fishing boat. After having not much luck, everyone came inside for the trip back to shore, and that’s when the captain made an announcement.

He had just heard on the radio about the first plane hitting the tower. Everyone on board fell eerily quiet. None of us knew what to think. The rest of the way back to shore was uneasy to say the least.

Once in our room, we were glued to the events unfolding on TV. We watched in horror as the 2nd plane hit, the towers collapsing, the people trying to save themselves by running away. Then the Pentagon was hit, the plane crashed in the field, were we being targeted like we were at Pearl Harbor?

We didn’t know if the US was going to war, or already in one. What would the next target be and how would it be hit?

Everything changed, our country’s innocence was lost that day. Amazingly, it had one great effect, we rallied together as a nation.

While on our way home, American flags were flying everywhere. I remember in particular one intersection island, literally covered with American flags. We as Americans came together as one.

Now look at us today, rioting, fussing, fighting, everyone accusing each other of racism. What happened to that feeling of togetherness? Does it only take 20 years to forget what happened that day?


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