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A Wedding in Glas-Vegas

Andrew and Kristen Kenady celebrate by cutting cake after getting married as part of the Wedding in Glas-Vegas event at Drink N Game in Glasgow. Photo by Orvil Clark.

Mary Beth Sallee

Reporter, Hart Co. News-Herald


They say what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. But on July 30, a little bit of Vegas made its way to Glasgow.

Drink N Game is a classic arcade bar that specializes in classic cocktails and craft beer, along with a unique food menu. As a way to spread love and get a party going in the community, Drink N Game owners Duncan Cotton and Chesarae Bonnevie hosted a Wedding in Glas-Vegas event.

“Wedding in Glas-Vegas was an event where people could dust off their old wedding dress or tuxedo and have a reason to party and wear it again, as well as having the option to get married by our ordained minister The Electric Pirate, aka Wade England,” Duncan said. “We provided the venue, decorations, cake, champagne, and even the reception afterwards.”

The idea originated with bartender Christina Cannon never being able to wear her wedding dress, and the idea sparked the wedding event. What began as just dressing-up and wearing an old tux or dress eventually evolved into full-blown ceremonies.

Two couples were married, and one couple was “fake” married.

“The event was full of joy and happiness,” Chesarae said. “The first couple had a whole wedding party, and brought their own cake and gaming console since gaming is their thing, so our arcade bar fit the couple’s personality. They said their own vows, had a traditional cutting of the cake, and first dance.”

“The second couple had more of a speed ceremony,” Chesarae added. “We provided them with our own flower dude to walk them in. They said their “I Do’s” and also had their first dance. The groom was more emotional in the second one, which made everyone else tear up. Both the brides tossed their bouquets, which we also provided, and the recipients of the flowers became friends for the rest of the reception. All in all, it was a huge success, and everyone was happy with what we did with this event.”

In what has been a tumultuous past year and a half, the Drink N Game owners knew that the pandemic had dampened many wedding plans. Because of that, they wanted to provide couples with an alternative.

“We personally knew a few people that had weddings planned, but the pandemic hit and they couldn’t invite or share these memories with anyone,” Chesarae said. “What was awesome about this is that we were able to provide an inexpensive alternative to people that didn’t get a chance to have a wedding. We know that it’s been hard times for everyone, and this is just something small we could help give back.”

Ordained minister The Electric Pirate, aka Wade England, marries a couple during Drink N Game’s Wedding in Glas-Vegas event. Photo by Orvil Clark.

Both Duncan and Chesarae consider the Wedding in Glas-Vegas event a huge success.    

“Everyone had a blast at the wedding event,” Duncan said. “Many want us to do this again, and maybe next year we’ll have more than one event during wedding season. The events that we like to host are something fresh and fun that no one has done in the area.”

“We want people to know that we have a diverse community of people that come to our place,” Chesarae added. “We are a hangout spot you can feel comfortable being yourself at. We have a chill vibe and always trying unique ideas.”

Drink N Game is located at 100 East Main Street in Glasgow and offers special cocktails, a large craft beer selection, and weekly special food items. The business is active on all social media fronts as @drinkngameky.

Andrew and Kristen Kenady were married by ordained minister The Electric Pirate, aka Wade England, during the Wedding in Glas-Vegas event. Photo by Orvil Clark.

A couple was married by ordained minister The Electric Pirate, aka Wade England, at Drink N Game’s a Wedding in Glas-Vegas event. Photo by Orvil Clark.

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